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Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle

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Noodle shop

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle is a renowned take-away-only restaurant located in Ximending, Taipei. It's popular among visitors, especially those from Asian countries. The specialty here is the vermicelli stew, known as mianxian or mee sua in Taiwanese language. Despite its unconventional offering of pig intestine vermicelli served in a thick pottage soup, it has garnered massive lines of people waiting to savor its unique flavors.

I really like the rice noodles here. In my opinion, this shop provides the most delicious rice noodles ever. I have eaten rice noodles in various shops but I like eating here the most. It's not wrong when this shop is very famous and becomes a culinary destination for local and foreign tourists.I really like the noodles and the soup which is very special. It's light but full of flavour. The meat is also tender and goes well with the rice noodles. This is very special. Even though there are only a few chairs available for dine-in, eating standing up is not a big problem. Many people enjoy these rice noodles in a similar way. At certain times, the queue is quite long. But the service is quite fast so we don't have to wait too long.The location of this restaurant is in the Ximen area which is famous for its shopping area and many restaurant areas. I visit this restaurant very often when visiting Ximen area. The location of this rice noodle shop is on the main route of the Ximen shopping district so it is very easy to find it.The interesting thing is that I really enjoy this food in any season. Not only in winter, I really enjoy eating rice noodles here in summer. It has always been a very pleasant experience for me to eat Taiwanese cuisine in this city.

Adrianto O — Google review

Initially thought we have to queue for this but their serving is faster than fast food! You will see the crowd standing in front of the store but they are all standing and eating. Just go straight to the cashier and order and the noodle will be served within a minute!The noodle and gravy is really good and memorable for us as tourists, we have this in Malaysia but this is one of the must-eats in Taipei for us.

CK W — Google review

Totally worth the trip to eat this. The noodle are tender and soup is so tasty. You don't need the condiments but adding some vinegar, garlic, and/or chili really kicks up the flavor. Small is 60 and large is 75. Service is quick and efficient.

Angela L — Google review

Very popular street food in Taiwan with a very long queue but wait time is very short as they were very quick to take orders and serve. You just have to choose between large (NT$75) or small size (NT$60). You can see how busy it is there with people either standing or sitting around the area eating the noodles.This flour-rice noodle was very fine and light almost effortless to chew. The base of the broth was made of bonito and was so thick. I wouldn’t say I was blown away by the flavour as it was basically a simple bonito stock as the soup base but I do like the texture. There were bits of salty cured pig intestine inside which were quite chewy. There was a self service topping station: vinegar, pureed garlic, and chili sauce.Overall, a hearty meal not the typical light street food snacks you get around. An experience that everyone should try at least once.

Varissa Y — Google review

Visited here many years ago. One of the dishes that I miss the most.Went in the morning, about 9am and they opened, the queue wasn't too long so I didn't take too much time for the wait. In less than 5 minutes I can say.I'm surprised that the food is still great after so many years. Wasn't disappointed at all.There are some sauces beside that you can add on.Overall it is good

Neo — Google review

This place is famous for a reason and it is because it is SO GOOD! This is a noodle dish with pig intestines and I know that sounds disgusting, but trust me it does not taste tainted at all! It is so good and delicious! HIGHLY RECOMMEND and would return on my next visit to Taipei! I wished I ordered my own cup! The serving sizes are huge and we ordered just a small cup.

Thien T — Google review

The best MianXian Flour Rice noodle that I’ve had in Taiwan, rich favor soup, pork intestine without bad smell. Add some vinegar and chili sauce for better taste. Small shop, only few chairs, no table, always busy with tons of people waiting

Annie T — Google review

Very popular, crowded even at 4pm. Noodles are silky,.smoky and with food flavours and intestines don't taste like intestines -- quite chewy. Serving is conveyor belt optimal, finished with a good portion of cilantro. There are stools but they are limited so you can stand around and slurp these delicious-ness

Mei Y — Google review

One of the best I have eaten. Highly recommend to add the chili, garlic and vinegar to bring out the taste. Q may be long, but it moves fast.They come in 2 sizes. 75 for large and 60 for small.Do tell them if you are taking away, or eating there. If you wish to take away, they will give you a cover and a plastic bag. They will also add in the chili, garlic and vinegar for you b4 covering. I always ask for extra chili as I love the kick.

Shereen — Google review

All in all, the place is really good. Really reasonable price for a food that is really good! Taste and quality is fantastic. Been here multiple times during my Taiwan trip because it's just really good. The staff were all very nice and friendly. They deserve a 5/5 rating and I highly recommend this place.

Josh — Google review

Recommend to try this in winter season because of it’s very hot. Taste good and special. This store is always crowded and have long queue but in the early morning there are lesser ppl buy so you can buy faster. Food in taiwan is cheap and tasty 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Thuy ( — Google review

Pig intestine and noodle soup! Not a huge fan of the pig intestine but the noodle soup was delicious.The line could get long but it moves very fast. Just pay on the right side and they will give you a ticket to trade for your soup.They provide three different sauces: garlic, chili, and vinegar. Garlic makes it really good. Don't put too much chili like I did. It makes it too spicy.

John N — Google review

So delicious! A small cup for $150? I could eat this everyday, I was actually really surprised. The intestines were cooked perfectly and the soup was thick. Not too salty! Great flavor.On a Friday at 9:30 AM, there was no line! However, dozens of people were standing around eating it. Quite popular - even for breakfast.

Alisa B — Google review

It is one of the best rice noodle shop ever. I tried this last 4 years ago and I never forget the taste.Small size is 55ntd and larger size is 70ntd.They don’t have the table to dine in.I think it might contain the oyster.It is better if you should adjust the taste with vinegar and chilli taste. The taste is totally different without that sauces.

Thu L — Google review

At first, the dish honestly did not look very appetizing to me but once I tasted it, I was very pleasantly surprised! To me, it’s more of a soup than noodle. Has that fishy umami taste from I believe dried bonito flakes and you can mix it up with sauces. Intestine is SUPER GOOD, so tender and savory. I wish they give the option to buy extra cause i cant have enough.Staff functions like clockwork so line moves quickly. Large portion seems more economical as it almost doubles in size but only slightly more expensive than the small.

Viet N — Google review

I loved this so much I went to get a second serving, and then a second trip to Ximending night market just for this….. AMAZING. As a person that doesn’t even eat pig intestine, THIS IS SO GOOD. Recommended to add more vinegar 😋

Ed — Google review

The flour rice noodle here came out immediately and hot!They do have a sauce bar with chili, garlic, and vinegar available for self use. There are seats out front to quickly enjoy your bowl of hot soup, and recycling bins organized for waste.The noodles were soft and piping hot. The thick sauce/soup they came in were also delicious. Not many topping choices like some other places, but delicious nonetheless!

David K — Google review

Great noodle soup with what I suppose was some innards? Beware if you don't like that stuff, although honestly try it anyway because you won't even notice it and it tastes great! Cheap and good food, I recommend the large portion, since the small one is.. really small.

Makus K — Google review

Popular flour rice noodle in Taiwan. Tried once 18 years back, this is still the best Ay-Chung branch in town.Remember to mix in a little chili and vinegar, then 3-5 spoons of garlic sauce for a big bowl.

Day D — Google review

I eat it every time I come to Taipei. The noodles are soft, the soup is fragrant. Small bowl costs 60 TWD, large bowl costs 75 TWD. It's crowded but the queue moves fast. No seats available, so you have to stand and eat.

Malanee K — Google review

Amazing delicious noodles. Adding on the sauces brings the flavour up a level (choices of chili, vinegar, garlic). Personal garlic is my go to sauce. Stand and eat. Savour the local feel 😃

Boon H — Google review

Rekinder the old time breakfast noodles. My kids really love it. Long queue but very fast. More challenge to get a tools for seat down.

Boon C — Google review

Service is pretty fast so do not fear even when queue is long. Do note there is no osyter in the mee sua, only pig intestine. The intestine is very clean so though I do not really fancy it, i do not mind the ones here. Love the chilli that i get to mix myself into the noodles which brings the taste up a notch. Love the bonito flakes added as well.

Heng A — Google review

One of the most well-known noodle soup in Ximending. And it was too salty for my taste. Lots of locals and non locals come there just to stand to eat. It was first opened in 1975. Maybe they still stick to the original taste of this noodle, and maybe it was part of their history so that's why it was always crowded at the food stall.

Ngoc M — Google review

Popular street snack in Ximending, flavorful noodles with lots of meat and soup. There is no seating available and they only serve one dish which makes the line go along fast. There was no queue when i visited which made my experience more convenient.

Eboy D — Google review

Its a top notch flour rice noodles and its so tasty though the queue is quite long however just a taste of it you will forget the queue you had😂😋

Maila M — Google review

Lines moved quickly despite being long and menu is really simple. This is my second time eating this and the first was better a few years back. It's much harder to eat with the soup constantly slipping out.

Pia J — Google review

Very famous for flour-rice noodle; tastes fine, but there's no supporting service around, be it tissues or a flat surface, while the soup is very hot and sticky to hold

Hà N — Google review

ʜᴇʟʟᴏ ʜᴇʟʟᴏ, ᴍᴇᴇᴛ ᴀɢᴀɪɴ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍᴇ, ᴀɴᴛʜᴏɴy. ɪ'ᴍ ɢᴏᴏɢʟᴇ ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡᴇʀ ꜰʀᴏᴍ ɪɴᴅᴏɴᴇꜱɪᴀ.My friend study at Taipei, say to me "this food so amazing" so i try it. And i tell back to my friend "yes its so amazing this food." My friend tell me again "this food is amazing but little smelly" and i tell him "dont worry because the food is good so i eat this" i go here i and queue for order the food. Iittle bit pricey i think.Thank you and God Bless you.

Wu A — Google review


Addiction Aquatic Development

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Seafood restaurant

Seafood wholesaler

Addiction Aquatic Development (AAD) is a seafood lover's paradise located in the Zhongshan district of Taipei. It offers a unique experience, combining a wholesale area with tanks of fresh catches and an upscale supermarket with a sushi and seafood bar. The compound also features affordable packaged sashimi, uni, whole fish, produce, groceries, standing-only sushi bar, wine bar, hot pot restaurant (Le Peng), and seafood fine dining (Tresors de la Mer).

Seafood heaven if you’re a seafood lover. I came for a late lunch (3pm) so the crowd wasn’t as hectic. You have two options here; can buy your food and eat at the available tables around, or do what I did and dine at the various options (sushi bar, hotpot or restaurant). I did the sushi/seafood bar cause I wanted to dine in style and was willing to pay more.The food pictures you see are from my Li Tun set from the Deluxe Seasonal set for $NTD1980. Was thoroughly worth it - some abalone, premium sashimi including oo-toro, giant crab claw, sushi, seafood stew soup and wagyu beef to mention a few. Had to wait for a while (maybe 15 mins) before my number was called but we’ll worth it.Stayed in Taipei for 6 days and this was my favourite meal. Would come back in a heartbeat. 😋

S C — Google review

Love the dining concept here, I will always visit when I am back in Taipei. It is very different from the standard restaurants. This business consists of wet market, supermarket, sushi standing counter and restaurants.Seafood are fresh with nice dining ambience. One down side about this place is that they only accept cash. There is an atm machine at level 1 next to the cashier in case you didn’t bring enough.

Annie T — Google review

Great place with different restaurants and a gourmet market and store. It’s also possible to take away. It gets really crowded on the weekends. The fish and seafood are fresh. The atmosphere is very nice, specially the outdoor sea during summer. The sushi bar is delicious but only standing, no seats. It’s not possible to book in advance at the sushi bar and at the bbq restaurant, so you have to get a number and wait.

Gemma V — Google review

An experience that One gets to accomplish.Lots of Japanese cuisine Raw, Cooked or grilled your choice of pick. Some are valued for money and some are quite costly, depends on where you come at the counter and enjoy your food Just outside the doorway. Where many tables are set to stand and eat.A few sittings and small tables are also available but under the sun.Interesting and will come again to pick other choices.Have fun 🤩

Kachar1 1 — Google review

An interesting fish market to check out if you are a tourist in Taipei! Food is a little expensive here so it seems more geared towards tourists. It's also hard to make a reservation. The service while eat was also so-so. The quality of food was the one good redeeming quality.

Jerusha C — Google review

One of the freshest sushi restaurants in town if not the freshest. Not your typical franchise sushi bar. The standing sushi restaurant always packed, so better adjust your schedule. It has various type of fish and seafood to choose and it range from 70NT - 190NT per pieces. If you don’t know which fishes to choose, just buy the set menu.The sushi restaurant lies inside a modern market that sell fresh and different kind of seafood with a cheaper price tag. They also sell wine, sake, iberico pork, cheese, and whiskey.You can also buy live seafood there.

Erwin L — Google review

This place is amazing! The variety of foods is astonishing, in the way they are prepared, served, and presented. It's more than a restaurant, it's a bazaar for all sorts of seafood, raw, boiled, grilled, fried. You can buy your food like in a supermarket from the shelves or you can have it prepared on demand behind the cooking stations, or you could get a reservation for a table at the restaurant. The most difficult thing you'd find when you're in that place is what you want to eat because you want to eat everything. We chose to sit at the takeout counter tables outside, I would recommend the trays of uni from the market area. It's a good deal.

Hock Y — Google review

Great place to grab fresh seafood. Many items are imported from Japan. Prices are not super cheap but the quality rivals what I've had in Japan. Seating area is more like a standing area, nothing luxurious just eat and go.

Joyce K — Google review

Stand there and eat at the small little space you have, at fine dining luxury prices. I think it was about 5k for the food in the photos. Not sure if I would say it was worth it. Eat tons of Jap cuisine in Canada, not sure if this was necessarily any better.

James C — Google review

Just amazing!! Many people don’t know how to order so they gave only one star. We came here often and we know what’s best. It’s not reasonable because Wagyu and seafood, but quality is good.

DAIAN J — Google review

This is a pretty cool concept! I always love fish markets and there's plenty of live fish & shellfish here. The restaurant area is filled with a lot of hot or cold goodies! They have table space for you to eat here or take home to eat. Definitely check this place out!

Vivian P — Google review

Great place to have seafood and sushi, very fresh but expensive. Need to prepare your money if you wanna come here. Recommend 緣側sushi, oily but very smooth and tasty!

Allan — Google review

Fresh seafood made to order. A bit on the pricier side but quality is 👌. We had enough sushi to feed a party of 4 for lunch. It ran around $20 per person. The main dining area is inside the building. It is standing dining. You have to take a number first at the front desk to get waitlisted for seating. There are also restaurants outside if you wish but the main attraction is inside the marketplace.And that wine selection…I’m coming back on bus next time so I can 🍷and 🍱!!!

Chris S — Google review

There are high tables for you to eat standing near the exit so it's nice to enjoy good sashimi in a very casual atmosphere. We picked sashimi, sushi, scallope, salad and 2 canned drinks then went out to eat standing at those tables.

MaiThanh N — Google review

I’m sorry but this place has aged and need to improve the food quality, price or service.I use to love buying crabs and Uni here. Chef used to prepare fresh crab for us. Now it’s not cheap, not that fresh, just a Japanese super market ok to have a walk. The juice shop too, adding too much syrup.

Si_Mon_Lifestyle — Google review

3.5 StarsCooked food is really really good. Big bowl of miso soup is awesome. However, I am here for the sushi and nigiri and they are quite... Normal, OK-ish? For a restaurant in a fish market, I was expecting it to be a lot better.It's not bad, but doesn't pass the "Sushiro Test" in which I ask myself after finishing the meal, "Would I want to eat Sushiro tomorrow?" It was 50/50 before I found out they charge 10% service fee, but after I paid the bill I definitely want to eat Sushiro now.

Desnet A — Google review

The seafood at this place is is quite good! I opted for the set menu, which included a starter, soup, crab legs, and sushi/sashimi. Definitely worth giving it a shot. Just be prepared for a potential wait, especially during busy hours.

Christian U — Google review

One of the best places to get very good sushi in Taipei. It is also good too that they have waiters and staff who speak English, which makes ordering so much easier and convenient. The whole place itself is a treat enough for the senses as they have a meat, seafood, condiments, fresh produce and condiments section; and it is not that expensive too that we were quite surprised. My partner and I enjoyed going around their produce area after our lunch and just check on their displays. Highly recommended!

Moses L — Google review

This place is really cool, there is a stand up sushi bar inside, live seafood, but the location is also a grocery store where you can buy food to bring out. The sushi is very good and not too expensive. Be sure you have a place to eat as there is no sit-down seating inside the store. Outside, however, there is seating. I would recommend if anyone wants sushi in Taiwan.

Tristan C — Google review

We had visited this popular seafood haven on our last night in Taipei and decided to have dinner at the <i>Litun sushi</i> bar, which is in the middle of the complex. You have to wait a bit until there's empty space after customer before you finished and allowed to stand behind the long <i>sushi</i> bar. We ordered the Liyu classic sushi set (TWD 980 = AUD 47) which is quite good value set where you get an entree of fresh oyster and salmon roe salad. Then you'll get the next courses i.e. fish bone and meat <i>miso</i> soup, the variety of fish <i>nigiri sushi</i>, and grilled tuna fillets. All the dishes were good, but the <i>nigiri sushi</i> was the master-piece with nice selection of fish cuts like tuna, scallop, eel and salmon. We also ordered additional skewers of prime <i>wagyu</i> beef (TWD 500 = AUD 23.80) and slices of fatty <i>toro sashimi</i> (TWD 380 = AUD 18) which were really good in value and taste. We also ordered the tuna <i>sushi</i> roll which is quite good (TWD 80 = AUD 3.80) and a big bottle of classic 1857 German beer (TWD 200 = AUD 9.50) for our drink. All in all, it was good dinner for our last night in Taipei.We could and should order more dishes if not for the reason that the place only accepts cash payment, which is really limiting since we almost run-out of our cash when we visited on our last night in Taipei. They should accept credit cards since the food prices there are not really cheap stuff like in the night market. Therefore, this is really big bug for their customer service especially when they charged additional 10% to every bill for 'service charge' 😁There's not much to talk about ambience since it is just a long standing <i>sushi</i> bar and you just enjoy your food and leave afterwards since the place is quite crowded and busy. I think the place is quite touristy and maybe you can get better value for your money if you get your food from the <i>bento</i> bar where you get packaged dishes including <i>sushi</i> and <i>sashimi</i> in a carton box. However, you may come for the experience and not just the food and choose one of the restaurant station like what we did, which would cost more.

Rudy G — Google review

Local friend brought me here for super fresh and tasty sashimi.Love the 比目鱼 and 大腹tuna sushi, they were melt-in-mouth texture!This is a standing eating place, no seats provided and only accept cash payment.

JJ T — Google review

Used to be The Place to eat fresh Japanese seafood. The market offers variety of Japanese foods and fresh seafoods you can buy. Had high expectations for the sushi restaurant but the foods were mediocre. If you want to experience standing bar type of sushi bar, you can try this place. Their Japanese green sea urchin is something different 🍣

Dee J — Google review

If you're a seafood sucker like me and want the most fresh off the water, definitely you need to go here. The range of seafood / sashimi variety is mouth watering.We had the smoothest bluefin tuna, sweet oysters, and super cheap buttery uni.I don't mind standing for eating since we enjoyed it so much.

Indah M — Google review

We came here at the recommendation of some friends. I think the concept is interesting but in general a bit over hyped. It’s fun to see the live and fresh fish. The market is well stocked with kitchen essentials for Japanese food. The precooked food is over cooked most likely due to the heat lamps. We did eat at the stand up sushi counter but the cooked food again overcooked. Sushi and sashimi were well made.

Elaine L — Google review

It's like a playground for seafood lovers, from the live seafood market to the chillers where you can buy sushi and canned items (they had Icelandic cod liver, which is the foie gras of the sea IMHO), to the sushi restaurant where you can order set meals or a la carte. However, this is a standing restaurant. No seats, even when you're dining in at the bar. So it can be challenging if you're visiting with senior citizens, young children, or PWDs.

Ceej T — Google review

One of the food highlights of our trip. The sushi here was phenomenal. My favorite was the smoked halibut nigiri that the waitress recommended. It was so light and flavorful and unlike any sushi I've ever had.The oysters were some of the best I've ever had, probably better than kumamoto oysters. They're huge! Only slightly smaller than the palm of my hand.The sashimi was really high quality and everything was decently priced especially given how high the quality was.

Summer K — Google review

Sushi is meh, fish is fresh but they use cold rice(this is from the dine in restaurant that is in the fish market). The Tuna here isn't that good. The restaurant has no seats so you will have to stand at the counters to eat. The wait staffs are also quite rude. I recommend to just buy the takeaways as they are more value-for-money. There are tables outside the place where you can stand and eat. Honestly, I think that going to Don don donki is better. This place is also cash only which is kinda ridiculous because the food is not cheap.

Jon ( — Google review

If you're looking for a Taiwanese spot, this isn't it. The food is ok, but prob some seafood spots could be better. You're here for an experience, the market like setting, standing and eating, it's fun. The food is above average but nothing to sing home about.

Eric T — Google review

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Din Tai Fung f*cking Restaurant

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (13)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (14)

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (15)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (16)

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Taiwanese restaurant

Chinese restaurant

Din Tai Fung f*cking Restaurant is a renowned Taiwanese chain that has perfected the art of xiao long bao, or soup dumplings. Their fig-sized dumplings are filled with succulent pork and wrapped in thin dough with an 18-fold stem. Apart from their famous xiao long bao, the restaurant offers a variety of other dumplings, including crab roe and pork, chicken, green squash and shrimp, and even chocolate-filled ones.

You can’t go wrong with the food. The wontons and dumplings are my favourite. Easy to order, very attentive staff. The menu is in different languages as well.

Shenny P — Google review

Always go for the xiao long baos/pork dumplings. Pork chop fried rice or noodles. A lot of good stuff that you will be unable to try in one visit.Consistently good, fantastic service. They keep refilling the superb tea. When desserts are about to arrive, they clean the tables and change the set of dining crockery.Only possible downside is that it is not cheap.

Douglas S — Google review

I took my family to dining there. We arrived early need to wait for queue around 15 mins. The food is great. We love the shrimp dim sum and friend rice. They provide high quality of service. Great experience dining here.

Tharaluck T — Google review

Fantastic food and service. Wait was really too long. 40min wait at 1.30pm on a weekday. Highlights were there vegetables fried rice (only in tw) , the mala soup and of course the dumplings.

Patrick P — Google review

The Original Din Tai Fung in Taiwan much better taste than in US San Clara, ca. For some reason the food texture in Taiwan tastes much better than US location.

Scott C — Google review

Nice delicate pork xiao long bao. I love a classic. It's always surprising how thing the skin is and it doesn't break easily. It's also very light and not greasy.I also love their vegetarian steamed dumplings - tasty filling. And I tried their shrimp and egg fried rice for the first time - it was light and delicious. After eating everything, I didn't feel heavy at all.

D Y — Google review

Service was impeccable. However, the 小籠包 literally has the same taste as a local mom and pop shop so I was really disappointed. The flavor was no different from what I get near my house and the price was 2x with only 6 pieces of dumplings. The 小菜 and 蝦仁炒飯 were tasty but the 肉包 just tasted like something you’d get at family mart. Overall I’d say some of the dishes are overrated and overpriced but still it’s a nice restaurant. But I wouldn’t wait 40 mins like I did.

Arvinbileg L — Google review

Really amazing restaurant! There was a long wait (around 1 hour) when we got there but it was worth it. We tried a lot of different types of dumplings, fried rice, beef soup and buns, everything was just excellent! The price was not bad too, we ordered a lot of things and it was around 1500 NTD at the end. The service is great and the staff is very friendly. You also get free tea refills every time your cup is empty, which is also a very nice bonus. Definitely recommended! I will go there more often when i am in taiwan again.

Matthias K — Google review

I am not a fan of queuing for food when there are other options but this is a place to see how they make dumplings and taste how delicious they are. I had to wait 35 minutes but that was not a big deal, managed to choose what I wanted to try while waiting for my number. They have nice chicken soup and fried rice beside steamed dumplings. The fried dumpling is my favorite! Service is very good. ❤️

Steven A — Google review

One hour wait but since it’s in the SOGO mall you can browse around till your number is called. Servers were professional and attentive. Food were medium portions which mean you can try numerous dishes. Complementary tea (+refill).

Tommy N — Google review

The service is impeccable. They catered to our palettes. I asked what they recommend and she suggested the spicy dish last. The fried rice was alright the soup had a hint of radish and the meat in the beef noodle soup was perfect. Compared to the Din Tai Fung on a really good day at the Westfield in California, the fried rice with pork and shrimp was not as good. That’s why the 4 stars. I bought some chopsticks for my friends and loved the fact that it’s in the SoGo mall. Very convenient. There are English speaking female servers here.

Chris C — Google review

After trying the London and the Seattle locations, we can safely say the Taiwanese ones are much more delicious!Our favourite dishes were the pork chop fried rice, wontons in chili oil and the signature pork xiao long bao.There's always a queue but you can roam around the mall while you're waiting so it's not too bad.

EightNine ( — Google review

Great place to dine. Food is tasty and fresh made. Prices are moderate.Option to order from mobile while queuing is great.For international travellers: English menu and English speaking staff

Jędrzej B — Google review

Ordered all of their best sellers. Very different from what we had in Manila. Highly recommended even though the waiting time is around 45mins

Carmina C — Google review

Every Din Tai Fung restaurant that we've been to has been extraordinary. The food is delicious and the service is attentive. This location was very busy when we came. You can take a number, then go shopping while using their website to check if your number will be called. The only negative about this location is how their automated voice system repeatedly calls out numbers loudly, disrupting the atmosphere of an otherwise enjoyable dining experience.

J T — Google review

They say good things come to those who wait, and I was happy that the proverb was correct in this instance. We arrived at 4pm trying for an early dinner knowing that there would be a considerable wait time. Grabbed a ticket and was called to the table at 5pm. In the meantime we wandered around the adjacent floors checking in occasionally so the wait felt like nothing at all.Knowing that it is meant to be a "touristy" place to go, we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food, the efficiency of the staff and the well oiled machine that is Din Tai fung. I have been to Din Tai Fung in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and I must say that the Taiwanese original stand head and shoulders above the rest. The Xiao long bao is on point and the beef soup noodles easily outdo its peers. All the local produce was put on show and I can't fault any of the dishes.I don't care if it's touristy, or that you have to wait. Din Tai Fung in Taiwan is a must do for me.

Richard L — Google review

Fresh, Fast and Flavorless. This place is alright, but no way in hell was it worth the one hour wait. Ordered half of the dimpling menu and the chili wontons were the only thing that had some taste. Service was really good once they let you in. The tea really helps cut the grease.

Joseph C — Google review

Lives up to the hype! I've had it in America and it definitely tastes better here. I came here on a weekday at 11 and there were no lines. But by the time I left, there were long lines.Soup dumplings were good but I was most impressed by the pork chop with fried rice.

John N — Google review

It Abit crowded and estimate wait time is actually faster. Service is very fast and friendly. Order using scan barcode online. Food is excellent just like usual.

R ( — Google review

We been have at around 8pm while the line for dine-in was still quite long, with many customers patiently waiting. To our surprise, we discovered that they also offered take-out service. The food we ordered was delicious, and they packed it carefully for us. It was definitely worth the wait, and next time we visit, we'll make sure to experience dining in at the restaurant.

Leo L — Google review

- Definitely a MUST go restaurant. Frequented by locals and foreigners.- Be patient. There is usually a waiting line.- My favorite dish was the Pork Chop Fried Rice with egg (picture below).- Another good option are the spicy wontons.- Some staff speak English.- English menu available.- They accept credit cards.

Sebastián V — Google review

I was there by myself and the workers were 10/10! I had a great experience. I had to wait about 40 mins but when it was about 3 team away, the hostess came looking for me to make sure I am ready :) I was super impressed by the service and cleanliness.

Ye G — Google review

Was great to have the delicate dumplings from Din Tai Fung. Ask the staff about the vegan dishes. I recommend to try this atleast once!

許櫻花Sakura — Google review


Yongkang Beef Noodles

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (18)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (19)

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (20)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (21)

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Taiwanese restaurant

Chinese noodle restaurant

Yongkang Beef Noodles is a renowned Taiwanese restaurant located in Taipei's Yongkang street. Established in 1963, this family-run eatery is famous for its delicious beef noodle soup, a must-try dish when visiting Taipei. The restaurant offers an unpretentious dining experience and serves up street food-inspired beef noodles that have gained popularity over the years.

Local Taiwanese favorite specializing in noodles and dumplings. You only need to see the line (queue) outside to tell how good the food is — try the beef noodles and anything else on the limited menu. The staff speak English and menus are also with photographs and English descriptions. Ideal for solo diners or small groups who like to share.

JL L — Google review

The price of this bowl was 280$. I had the beef and tendon version. The place was packed at 11.30. Waiting time was about 5 min to get a 1 seat table. The broth is rich and flavourful. The meat and tendons are cooked perfectly.I cannot give 5 stars since the price of 280$ is literally more than double of another Beef Noodle place charged and it was the same if not tastier. Yes you get a lot of meat here but is it worth double the price....?The noodles were also a bit too soft for my likening. You should try this place if you're a Beef Noodle Soup lover and want a richer and spicier broth compared to other places.

Taro — Google review

This place is mad underrated. Both original and soy beef broth are packed with beefy richness. Noodle chewiness are adjustable according to personal preference, so is the savoriness of the whole beef noodle.Great amount of meat in each bowl, and great portion overall for the price.Strongly recommend this place if anyone’s looking for a legit bowl of savory rich beef noodle.

Al C — Google review

老牌子的食物,還是沒話講。this is a well establish beef noodle place. The food is exquisitely prepared and highly recommended. The beef chunks and beef tendons are meltingly delicious. They also have the fragrant rice imbued pork ribs and pork intestines that are extremely flavorful. The only downside is that this place has tourists in line out the door almost every day. However, for an unforgettable beef noodle experience this place is IT.🙂

Bayrider J — Google review

There's a reason this place is so famous and popular despite some reviews! The beef noodle soup has a depth and thickness to it that can't be found elsewhere. We also liked the spicy wontons (红油抄手) and rice steamed spare ribs (粉蒸排骨). We came on a Saturday afternoon, and thankfully did not have to wait for seats. Don't skip the side dishes, which you have to order separately. Prices are reasonable, and service was ok. They are worthy of their Michelin Bib Gourmand status. I'd come back!

Nancy — Google review

Already a long queue just before it opens for business on a weekday!Love the Steamed Spare Ribs with Rice Powder NT $150 so much. The rice is flavourful, sticky and very tasty. It is mixed with pork cubes that are so soft and tender. At the base is sweet potato mash with a little sweetness.Braised Beef Noodle Soup (Spicy) NT $280 for small portion is not bad, can be quite filling, and has large chunks of tender beef and thick chewy noodles.

Gwennie 0 — Google review

The place is a bit crowded so peak hour should be long queue. We came around 3pm so we don’t have to wait. Tried only beef noodle, both the spicy soya bean sauce and the clear soup one are delicious.

Haosheng B — Google review

The beef noodles here were so good! No wonder it was listed as Michelin Bib Gourmand. The beef was so tender and melts in your mouth, rich and flavorful beef noodle soup. The side veggies are also nice and it compliments the soup really well.Queueing was long, but it’s worth it. 👍🏻

Marnie J — Google review

Best beef noodles in Taiwan. They live up to the hype. There was a 30 minute wait, but we’ll worth it. Great prices and very authentic. I highly recommend.

Robin M — Google review

Taiwan is known for its obsession for beef noodle soup. Yong Kang Beef Noodles is one of the well-known restaurants for this bowl dish and has been around for over half a century in Taipei. It's located on a side street but is hard to miss with bright yellow signs and a queue line outside for hungry visitors.The braised beef noodle arrived in a slightly spicy rich red soy broth. Its thick slices of braised beef were tender with a savory herbal taste. The chewy thin fresh noodles and the hearty soup helped accentuate the tasty meat in the large bowl. I followed the crowd and ordered a side dish of steamed hog spareribs. As expected, the spareribs straight from the steamer were tasty and cooked till soft within a small mound of sticky rice. All in all it was a decent and comforting meal.However due to popularity with locals and tourists, there was a long line before packing into this traditional restaurant. The menu prices were twice the price of similar noodle shops around town given this demand. It's pretty old school and we were expected to share tables with other hungry guests. An authentic beef noodle experience as expected.

Mikey — Google review

The original and authentic Taiwanese braised beef noodles. It is so famous that tourists really should not miss unless you are a vegetarian. I love not only the braised beef noodles, but also its appetizers. Must try!

P. C — Google review

Honestly didn’t get how this get Michelin Star. Taste very average and my housekeeper can even cook it. I didn’t finish the small bowl and only eat half of it. Service is good though, staff are polite and they want to explain to foreigners. Came around 12 and queue was around 30 mins. Space very limited. Food come out fast.

Josephine M — Google review

There was a bit of drizzle that time and the queuing was long, but it’s worth it. It was my first time to finished an order of Beef Noodle Soup. The texture of the noodles was good while the beef melts in your mouth. Amazingly, it was not oily and there was no after taste. I ordered the white or regular but for those who loves spicy, you may order red.A must try! Your trip in Taiwan will not be complete without trying this restaurant.As for the price, I was not able to check as we were part of a group tour and our operator/guide arranged it for us.

maloutetchie — Google review

There was a short queue, but we managed to get in after about 15 minutes, sharing a table with another couple.The male boss was very friendly when collecting the money at the end, but we noticed that some customers had difficulty in getting the female staffs' attention, perhaps as the shop was busy.We ordered the braised beef noodles, and the clear soup beef noodles. Both were just okay, to be honest. We had tasted better at other places in Taipei. Portions were generous though, and we did not finish our bowls. The clear soup version was our preferred choice, and you can ask for tendon with your beef as well.

Steven L — Google review

Super tender melt in your mouth beef, springy bouncing noodles and full rick flavorful beef noodle soup. If you like this Taiwanese favorite, this is one of the best you will find. The side veggies are also nice refreshing and compliments the soup really well. Watch out for the chili, it has a big kick. Hahaha

Joey C — Google review

Opens at 11am but people were already lining up. We had to share a table to accommodate more customers.No need to ask where it is cause once you see a long line, you know that’s the one.Menu is pretty straightforward, lots of side dishes which is also good for vegetarian. I ordered their beef noodles with soybean sauce and believe me when I say it’s the best I’ve had so far. The beef is suppppeeerrrrr tender - literally breaks down into pieces, almost no chewing needed, noodles are not soggy and the broth is just the right amount of savory, salty and spicy. I was not talking the whole time I was eating it.

Nina — Google review

Beefy, salty, and mildly spicy broth. If you come from Southeast Asia you will like this as the taste is stronger as opposed to the more common clear broth type around Taipei. Soup type is hong shao (red braised). The only complaint that I have is that the noodles were way too soft. The steamed pork ribs powder rice was a pleasant surprise, rice mixture was placed on top of sweet potato slices. We waited approximately 30mins before we went in, serve time was very fast, and price was very reasonable. Place was on Michelin guide 2020.

pianized — Google review

I’ve heard many great things and recommendations about this place so we decided to head over for one of our last dinners in Taiwan.During this trip, I’ve had 3-4 beef noodle soups and this is easily the worst or second worst.Pros:Food came out so fastBeef was extremely tender and falls apart easilyNoodles were cooked wellCons:Beef broth was SOO saltyNoodles were salty too???Sauerkraut(?) was also ridiculously salty????Luckily we did not wait too long - maybe 10-15mins. I’ve seen long long lines here… if I had to wait anymore, I would have regretted eating here even more.

Emily L — Google review

Good beef noodle but to be honest I don’t really see a big difference with other restaurants. Still good to give it a try.The queue is always long but move fast.For an average Asian, the small bowl is enough.

Hai — Google review

Decent beef noodle soup. To me, the highlight is the steam ribs with sweet potatoes. They put sticky rice on the outside. The combination of the savory rib with the sweet potatoes makes it a delicious dish.Be sure to come right when it opens if not before, this is a popular spot due to its Michelin recognition and gets busy fast.

Chris S — Google review

Disappointed... We ordered a beef noodle, one dandan noodle which has no meat and a fried pork chop. It wasn't as good as we expected. Taste was bland, seatings were tight. Price doesn't correspond with the taste. They missed out one item we ordered. Although they apologized, I was quite relieved since it wasn't tasty.

Doreen L — Google review

Noodles are a must in Asia and this little restaurant will take your paladar to the next level with its half a century history of feeding its people. The beef noodles are just superb, slowly cooked overnight, it will melt in your mouth making your salivary glands to get on strike for overworking. The noodles are tender in its right point, and you can notice the soup recipe must come from the ancestors, because even if you are not local, it will make you feel like when you had dinner at your grandma's when you were a child. They have side dishes, the tofu salad is awesome.Be assured there will be a line to eat there, but it shrinks fairly quick, as this is a place mainly frequented by locals that don't hesitate to share a table with a stranger. This is in fact one of the wonders of eating in Asia.

José V — Google review


Raohe Street Night Market

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (24)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (25)

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (26)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (27)

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Night market


Flea & Street Markets

Raohe Street Night Market is a lively and historic night market in Taipei, offering a wide array of shops and street food vendors. The market is a nostalgic representation of the city's culture, with traditional gates at the entrances and the iconic Songshan Ciyou Temple nearby. Visitors can wander through narrow lanes adorned with red lanterns and enjoy local treats such as black pepper buns, beef noodle soup, and scallion pancakes.

Lots of food! It's mostly a 2 lane street walk.So you can walk down one lane with stalls flanking both sides and do a loop back to visit stores in the parallel lane. Set aside about 2 hrs to complete the route (including eating time).There are some clothing and toy stores as well. But the main draw is clearly the food.When in doubt on what to eat, just join the queue :)Two of the must haves:1. Rice dumplings on ice (this is a proper store in a building to the side of the walking street, entering from the main entrance, it's about a 3min walk on the left)2. Pepper meat bun (first stall in the middle at the entrance)The avocados are HUGE! Never seen such giant ones before. Can consider buying them whole to bring home.Didn't see any toilets around so you may want to go before you go.Lots of bins around for trash.

Daniel C — Google review

A great night market to visit with friends and family. The locations is very strategic, right beside the MRT situation with a huge temple in front. So many good food, although some are more expensive compared to other night market. Near rainbow bridge, which has a cozy atmosphere to hangout with your friends and/or dates.

Lorraine — Google review

Always a must when going to Taipei. Great selection of food, easy to walk, usually not that crazy busy and the most important part: the pork pepper buns at the entrance! Those buns alone are worth going there! Also the rest is very good!

Matthias K — Google review

I recently had the opportunity to visit a night market in Taiwan for the first time, and I must say, it was an unforgettable experience. The variety of food available was simply amazing, and as a first-timer, I felt compelled to try everything, even the food that may not appeal to a foreigner.But even with my adventurous spirit, I was still blown away by the mushroom stands at the night market. The mushroom dishes were some of the best I've ever tasted, and I would highly recommend them to anyone visiting the market.Overall, I would highly recommend this night market to anyone visiting Taiwan. It's an experience that simply cannot be missed, and I guarantee that you'll be blown away by the quality and variety of food available. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-timer like me, this night market is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Everardo O — Google review

グルメたくさんあります!!本間にうまいので食べるのが好きな方はここは是非おすすめ!グルメの本には一部しか書いてませんが、食べ物の種類もかなりあり大満足!ここの夜市で間違いないです!😝😝(Translated by Google)There are a lot of gourmet! !Honma is delicious, so if you like to eat, I highly recommend this place!Although only part of it is written in the gourmet book, there are quite a few types of food and I am very satisfied!You can't go wrong with the night market here! 😝😝

YU T — Google review

a nice market to walk to as the street completely closed so you don't need to worry for vehicles to pass just a few inches from the market I found a few vegan option include grilled mushroom that were delicious, the guy making them give a full show as he dance while he chop and seasoned them.I've tried stinky tofu, although the smell is hideous the taste was actually alright, it came on a plate with a cabbage salad on the side I also came across a fruit stand where I've got a mango cup that was a bit soft but taste alright.

Karin K — Google review

Step into Taipei's vibrant night market, where the tantalizing scent of street food dances in the air, complemented by the serenity of a nearby temple. Start your journey at the temple's north entrance, setting the stage for an evening filled with culinary wonders.As you weave through the bustling market, be enticed by a diverse array of delicacies. From savory street food to exotic flavors, every stall holds a surprise. Let your curiosity guide your choices; sometimes, the most unassuming dishes turn out to be the most delicious.This culinary adventure isn't just about food; it's a cultural experience, a chance to immerse yourself in the heart of Taipei's street food scene. So, go ahead, explore, and savor the delightful mysteries this night market has to offer. Your taste buds are in for an unforgettable treat! 😉

Paul G — Google review

Better market than shilin! Food stalls are competitive and overall of good quality. Huge variety of things to try, get the pepper buns, chicken sausage, sweet potato balls. Lots of interesting shops, and a nice linear layout so that you won't get lost.

Zach C — Google review

We visited this night market around 6-8 PM. It was very good experience. There are many interesting local street foods with reasonable prices. I think it is not soo crowed during weekdays. And I really recommend you to visit this place whenever you have a chance in Taipei. Cheers :)

Ken M — Google review

Wonderful place with amazing flame grilled beef cubes. The whole atmosphere was exciting and there were many different types of foods. There was also a beautiful temple at the entrance and stall owners were so friendly, offering to help throw your trash if you purchase from them. Had the best Taiwanese 山猪 sausages and crackled pork belly there! Milk tea was so good too!

Elizabeth C — Google review

I can tell you it's a recommended night-market! This is a great place to start if you enjoy grabbing a quick snack.We can bring this food to the riverside after purchasing it (right behind the night-market)It's an incredible mix!

Brahman ( — Google review

This is a must visit night market in Taipei. Come here and be wow-ed with how awesome night market in Taipei can be. The variety of food here is huge and the street is easy to walk, basically just 2 direction, from front-to-back and back-to-front. Pictures should speak for the market (stalls are randomly chosen and taken). The only downside is that prices have gone up over the years, so pick your favourites wisely with limited appetite and money set aside to be spent on night market 😬

Abber T — Google review

The best first-visit night market in Taipei. Rows of delicious food stalls with a variety of shops along the side. Can get crowded during peak time (around 7-8pm) so get there close to opening to beat the lines at the most popular stalls. Also try to visit on weekdays for even less crowds.Most sellers can speak/understand enough English to order with no trouble.

Michael L — Google review

Sundays get pretty busy so come on a weekday. Be prepared for sensory overload. There are a couple michelin stalls here, but expect a line. I particularly liked the crispy donuts, and the ice cream with shaved peanuts rolled into a wrap. Fruit juices are everywhere, but if you prefer sodas, buy some at the 7-11 prior to entering the market. Worth the visit (once), when you are in Taiwan.

Rommel F — Google review

Who love food!Don’t miss this night market. You will find everything you want to eat. Food was very nice from local people make. Taste was great and reasonable price. Recommend if come with many friend that you can buy each food and share will more fun.

Bubble J — Google review

Step into this lively night market, a real gem where the atmosphere is buzzing with energy and endless possibilities. The food is not just delicious; it's a feast for the senses, and the best part? It won't burn a hole in your pocket. Picture this: you can hop from one stand to another, trying multiple different mouthwatering snacks, all freshly made right in front of you on the streets. But, fair warning, finding a cozy spot to sit isn't easy. Most folks, like me, end up happily munching on these delights while weaving through the lively crowds, making every bite an adventure in itself.

Sky L — Google review

I really love the place more than other-night market in Taipei. A temple near to market much beautiful and respect one. Street food in market worth to try, even some log of food shop have many people who waiting the food but didn’t take a long time. I got the food by quickly and tasty so delicious.

Nuu ( — Google review

It's an amazing for trying multiple Taiwanese local food. It start around 5 and get crowded by 6. It's a straight market area just for food and fun.

Abhishek N — Google review

A wonderful night market with lotsa food options. The pepper bun is famous and you can see the long queue for it. The polo bun is incredible: everything a polo bun should be--crispy and flaky on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Also tried the famous herbal soup pork/lamb--warm and hearty on a winter night

Mei Y — Google review

One of the popular Night Markets in Taipei. There are a lot of stores selling all kinds of stuffs like clothing, footwear, hats, hardware, souvenirs...There is also a wide variety of food available, Seafood, grilled meats, fried potato balls... Beverages and desserts like bubble teas, fruit juices, slurpies, flavored shave ice... You may also view the Rainbow bridge from the river banks.A must place to see and experience on any trip to Taipei.

Edison S — Google review

This night food market was an amazing experience! There were so many different food options to choose from, and everything looked and smelled delicious. I tried the fried chicken and it was some of the tastiest I've ever had. Despite being so delicious, the food was very affordable and I was able to sample a variety of dishes without breaking the bank. I highly recommend checking out this food market if you're looking for a fun and delicious experience!

Wakaka N — Google review

The perfect night market for foodies! Compared to the other night matkets of Taipei, this night market has the most food choices! Highly recommended if you are in to street food and want to try Taiwan's best local foods. 5/5 will definitely go back. Food prices are very reasonable and the locals are super friendly.

Josh — Google review

This was one of my favorite night markets. A lot of variety of different snacks. Prices are very cheap and many items are very shareable. If you have a group, i would recommend getting many items and then share. Popcorn chicken is a must. Here are some of the items we tried: fried shrimp with mayo and sprinkles, fried squid, Taiwanese sausage, monga fried chicken (huge piece), apple flavor blueberry ice cream, stinky tofu fries (really good), seafood cooked with beer, and multiple versions of the tofu pudding.

Nicholas P — Google review

Amazing night market. Not too big and overwhelming. Choices of food are great and though you do see repeated food stores selling same type of food but still consider a good spreadLike the vibrant and energetic vibes. Takes about 1-2 hours to walk through and orderWe were still quite filled in our tummy so we only managed to try 4 dishes.Still a good way to end the day or have dinner here.There are also game store for the kids or even adults to have fun.

Shane C — Google review

i don’t know how they do it, but this place manages to be full of tourists and travellers alike, all without making the place feel touristy at all! come for the food, stay for the vibes ✨ this night market is so good i came back again before i left Taipei! so many options that’s not just limited to Taiwanese delicacies, but some that even reaches Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Thai, etc!best to come with a friend or more because you’re gonna wanna share portions if you want to try more stuff — the portions are serious business! highly recommended 🧡

Xin T — Google review

Nice place to experience the night market.The street is well organized. There are store on both side, and food stand in the middle.Public transportation is easy by train.There are many special food in the night market also some interesting games.The price of this might market is reasonable and nice.Also lots of the stand have multiple language sign which is great for international traveler

Han Y — Google review

Better visit at 6 pm or weekdays, less crowded. Must try street food especially Stinky tofu, there's halal or vegan choices 👍Visiting at late December 2023. Weather 12-15°C but the wind was strong so i recommend using sweater or jacket. Also Wear Cap or hat if you don't want the wind to mess up your hair

Arum S — Google review

One of the largest night markets you will find in all of Taiwan. The streets are incredibly packed on the weekend and there is little space to wander, instead people walk in a continuous line until they find a stall they want then they get out of line to buy it. Lots of options for food and games, though none too terribly unique compared to other large night markets in the area.

Joseph W — Google review

Love the variety of food! Also, people are so nice to us. Feeling really comfortable even late at night.No specific food to recommend - everything is good.One thing to note - the steamed dumplings are generally not that good.

Yusi — Google review

So many people!!! The temple near the market is one of the good places to feel about Taipei. In front of the market, there is a long queue to buy a beef dumpling - it was good. The taste is a bit strong but worth to try. A person like me who likes healthy and organic food, the night market is not a good place but enjoyable. What I like the most was the donut shop! It was really tasty!!

MK K — Google review

This place is amazing. Tons of variety of food stall and the chicken guy is super friendly. Definitely worth going to the old man stall with the huge chicken. It gets very crowded here so expect some wait for stalls and the pepper pork bun is amazing as well

Eric N — Google review

Really good night market with a variety of food, snacks, gifts, and claw machines games to try. My number 1 food item which we came across and went back to is the pineapple bun that was freshly baked there with some butter. 😋 We also tried our luck at the claw machines and won some treats for ourselves. The sticky tofu was quite good and strong 👍 The stewed tripe, brisket, and intestines was quite delicious. You pick how much you want and they will weigh it then cut them into pieces for you. We didn't like the picked veggies so we asked them not to put it on the next day we went.

Michelle L — Google review

Relatively small compared with night markets in China in terms of size. The variety of food is fine, and you can enjoy a lovely stroll after munching, just don’t stuff yourself too much out there for hygienic sake. Severely Lack of rubbish bins around.

Frank W — Google review

My favorite night market in Taipei, better than Ximending. More choices of various food stalls with better quality and tastier : pork bun, black pork sausage, sugar cane and watermelon juice.

Joana V — Google review

IMO the best night market in Taipei. Plenty of food choices and it’s a long walking street. Must try the black pepper at the entrance!! Come slightly earlier to avoid the peak crowd after working hours. There’s also a famous temple next to the street.

Yi N — Google review

One of my favourite night market that I will always visit whenever I am in Taipei. It been 5 years since I last visit and glad that all my favourite food is still around. Walk around and try so many foods that fill up my fat tummy. They should place more rubbish bin for us to throw around Raohe, which I find a bit lacking.

Jianhui — Google review

Loved the food choices and they're cheap too. The famous pepper buns are just at the entrance. There is a queue but it moves fast.

Alyssa B — Google review

During my visit to Raohe Night Market, it happened to be raining. Despite the weather, we decided to try the Black Pepper Bun. It was legendary – a crispy bread filled with juicy pork patty. Although it was well-prepared, personally, I’m not particularly fond of black pepper flavor. Fortunately, the rain seemed to deter some crowds, making the queue more manageable.

Esther K — Google review

Went early at 5pm on a Wednesday, alot of stalls still not open. Suggest going a little later to see all the stalls. We hung around though and tried some amazing food. Highly recommend the black pepper pork bun (Michelin rated) and the chinese burger. Looked for mochi baby but couldn't find it. A little disappointed. Overall, great night out though.

Andrew M — Google review

I'll never travel to Taipei without this trip planner again

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Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (29)

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (30)

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (31)

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (32)

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Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (34)

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Modern French restaurant

RAW is a sophisticated restaurant in the DaZhi district of Taipei, founded by renowned chef Andre Chiang from Restaurant Andre in Singapore. The restaurant offers an elevated French cuisine experience with a modern vibe and striking decor. Chef Chiang, along with chefs Zor Tan and Alain Huang, showcases Taiwan's distinctive seasonal ingredients through ever-changing set menus that highlight the country's 24 micro-seasons. The restaurant has gained recognition, ranking at No.

I’ve hesitated to write reviews for RAW because they change menu every so often. Of the 4 times I’ve visited, each time the experience was great and memorable. The people who are complaining on the reviews don’t know anything about the ingenuity and creativity that goes behind each dish. Looking forward to more return visits in the future!

Uncle B — Google review

Had the world tour. This is the second time, I’ve dine in RAW and both experience were pretty 😑. Spent 9800 each with wine pairing and I have to say it’s an art exhibition but the taste doesn’t catch up. I would give 5 stars to the presentation but had to minus 2 stars for the food taste.

B H — Google review

Was able to come with a large group and sit at the chefs table. We were not able to see into the kitchen. The dishes came out with signs to tell us more about the dish. Some spills and drops gave us a poor cadence to the dinner. We had the juice pairing that was very affordable and interesting. Food was well presented. Several under cooked items including the bread of the mushroom dish. Coffee was underwhelming given the provided coffee chart.

Elaine L — Google review

RAW has been remarkable since Chef Andre took over the kitchen. Season menus are delicious and beautiful. Just enjoy the meals and forget the diet for once.

Yi-Chieh ( — Google review

Quite a disappointing experience. We booked the lunch set for NT6880, and have to say the food standard is nowhere near as good as advertised.We didn't feel any of the dishes served were very impressive and in general the taste was mediocre.Service was good and friendly, however the environment was much too noisy, making it difficult to hear the food introductions.Maybe we expected too much with the hype but feel definitely this meal was not worth the the price.

Jeff T — Google review

Absolute pleasure to be dining at RAW once again. We were just in time for the new One & Only menu. Each dish is a feast for the eyes, and you can tell there is a lot of effort behind the planning of the entire menu. Love the chill relaxed vibes, just like dining in a friend’s home.

Garry P — Google review

Excellent service crew and food! A bit pricey but it’s worth the experience. Kim and her crew are fantastic! All dishes were explained clearly and they even bother to explain them in Hokkien for my aged parents, they enjoyed it thoroughly! Envy Chef Andre to have such a great team behind him!

Miaw G — Google review

Nice dining experience! The service was good, so was the menu explanation. Really enjoyed the “Andre is back” menu.

Ting L — Google review

Excellent experience the moment you step into restaurant. Staff was very helpful in explaining every dish that was presented. Wine pairings went well with the ingredients. Highly recommend if you can secure a reservation.

Jerry T — Google review

I had summer menu 2023 and I impressed with the concept and the creativity a lot - to use a single ingredient and 5 different cooking methods for a dish, like using different kinds of algae / shellfish / tomato etc. one of my friends doesn’t like the mayonnaise from the artichoke dish but I enjoyed it. Definitely will visit RAW again and again.

TaiwanWalker — Google review

Had really high expectations and was pretty disappointed. This season’s menu felt too creative, and the actual execution was lacking. The food didn’t taste as great as I had hoped it would be some of the dishes didn’t seem well thought through or well executed. It seemed like they needed more practice because some of the dishes were too salty. I probably only liked 1-3 items. All the desserts were a little too savory in general.Service was alright - Nothing amazing, had to try to wave down a waiter a few times.The bathroom was very cool. It was nice to experience this type of atmosphere with all the wood.Glad I came still it was definitely an experience. Overall, I was not particularly impressed by the food. I would only recommend this place for very special occasions, but probably not for this season’s menu.

Victoria H — Google review

One of the best dining experience I have had. True Michelin style which brings a lot of surprises in its innovative creation from local raw ingredients.

Chea L — Google review

《2023 Best of the year menu 》The annual special feature can experience the selected dishes from all four seasons at once, including the Originality of Spring, the One & Only of Summer, the Han Way V2 of autumn, and the most popular Winter Aomori Week.The three appetizers were all impressive, highlighting the diverse layers of flavors in the food. However, I personally found that the 6 main courses were quite ordinary, especially the pigeon dish, which tasted somewhat like game meat. Overall, the 12 courses were way too full.

Elsa L — Google review

This is the highlight of our 9d trip to Taiwan. But words nor pictures from me will never do justice. If possible, go w wine pairing and get to enjoy the special batch curated / picked by Chef Andre (check out the special bottle pictured). Taiwan already has great food from street to restaurants and this just elevates the f&b scene even higher. A splurge and thanks to our dear fren .. but certainly worth the hype!

Claudia — Google review

Extremely high end restaurant with a heavy price tag, especially for locals.Definitely worth dropping in if you can get a reservation and are willing to pay the price tag. The restaurant itself looks amazing, the service is attentive and great. The overall experience is fantastic and definitely matches up with other Michelin star restaurants. The wait staff are amazingly helpful, nice and just great to talk to.The food is experimental and absolutely amazing in terms of what they’ve done. Breaking down ingredients and building them back up again. However, if I had to nitpick, the whole course didn’t feel cohesive towards the second half of the service, but that’s absolutely subjective. As individual dishes, they’re all great.Highly recommended for the experience for ppl with deep pockets.

Terence S — Google review

Impeccable services and every attention to detail was made even to the aroma of the restaurant. Dined at the sharing table so I managed to mingle with a variety of different people sharing their own stories and backgrounds. Food was an adventure all on its own taking us through chef Andre's portfolio and memories

Chin L — Google review

This experience left me with mixed feelings as someone who was eager to explore the collective memories menu. Having previously enjoyed dining at Sichuan Moon in Macau, I was excited to try out iconic dishes by Chef Andre from his culinary career.Upon making my reservation, I made sure to disclose my mango allergy, understanding that substitutions might not be possible. However, what truly shocked me was the indifferent attitude displayed by the server on the dining table when I was informed that no substitutions could be accommodated. Her response, “ 我們無法調整菜色,你可以看妳身體狀況選擇要不要吃,” felt not only senseless but also careless, especially for a Michelin-starred establishment. In the world of fine dining, attention to detail extends beyond the kitchen to encompass every aspect of the dining experience, including customer service. Unfortunately, the server's dismissive attitude overshadowed the whole dining experience.

Lillian Z — Google review

If you want to experience the quintessential French cuisine available in Taiwan, this is definitely the restaurant for you. The restaurant offers a unique fusion cuisine inspired by various Asian countries. Reservations are not easy to come by, but we highly recommend a visit. You will learn about the high level of Taiwanese cuisine.

S N — Google review

Absolutely stunning cool interior. Very nice staff and great food. We had the special 10 year anniversary dinner and it was very good and special with all of chef’s favorites along his cooking journey. Loved the foi gras and seafood

Stefan — Google review

One of the most anticipated restaurants for this Taipei trip which doesn’t disappoint. All dishes are so refined and well-plated combined with different ingredients and cooking methods. Most importantly all dishes are so tasty and fresh. Compared to the seaweed dish we tried at Noma Kyoto, we definitely vote for RAW.As we have only two persons we are arranged at the communal table. Other guests indeed told us a lot of culinary experience and restaurant recommendations as well. Thanks for their sharing.

Victor T — Google review

Meal dated back in 2020.Highly recommended if you manage to get a table here.Invited by a friend, I had the chance to experience RAW, known as one of the most challenging reservations in Taiwan. It was my first Michelin-starred dining experience in Taiwan, reminiscent of my first Michelin encounter in Hong Kong at "Tim Ho Wan."The new menu, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, combines French culinary techniques with the essence of Chinese herbal dietary therapy. Unlike previous experiences, this menu introduces tea and soup pairings alongside wine.During the meal, you can request additional wine, tea, or soup from the attentive staff.Opting for both wine and soup pairings, my companion and I were treated to a dining experience where every dish left us astonished, appreciating the chef's ingenuity.In summary, the cost for this exceptional dining experience at RAW was only 2800, offering the quality of a Michelin 2-star restaurant.Each dish was a delightful surprise, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. It's undoubtedly a restaurant worth revisiting.A fellow diner, well-versed in Michelin restaurants, even declared RAW as his current top recommendation.

Justin T — Google review

Chef Andre Chiang & his team are geniuses! I was back after 5 years. They captured the very best ingredients for the time.

Dennis C — Google review

Been wanting to come here and finally did on December 2023.Food was good. Some were amazing and some were just okay. I appreciate the creativity in all the dishes, but some just lacked execution. I would say the coursing started out great and you were hoping it lead to an explosion of a climax when it got to the mains but it was a slight miss. I just wasn’t wowed overall. But it was a solid menu all around. The wines chosen for pairing were on point.Service was good but expected more for a 2 Star Michelin. I hold places like Saison, Benu in SF, and a few others in Napa that set the standard of fine dining service.I noticed a lot of young employees here which isn’t bad but not experienced enough.We were in a shared table of 8 and it was weird that I had to sit next to my SO and not across. We basically were dining with another random couple we did not know. What I didn’t appreciate was the group of 4 next to us arrived late (had to wait on them) but for some reason service was a lot quicker and they left 30min before us. My SO and I are quick eaters too. So there was a lot of waiting in between courses.On that note, this was one long meal service. 3.5 Hours to be exact. Way too long to my liking. I lost excitement of our coursing and grew more anxious after 2.5 hours. 2.5-3 hours should be the limit.

Charles L — Google review


Mountain & Sea House Restaurant

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (40)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (41)

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (42)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (43)

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$$$$very expensive

Taiwanese restaurant

Nestled in a serene Japanese Meiji Taisho Period mansion, Mountain & Sea House is an elegant Taiwanese restaurant offering a traditional fine-dining experience. The restaurant boasts a romantic ambiance with beautifully styled furniture from Japan's noble families. Renowned for its sustainable approach to cuisine, the restaurant has collaborated with retired chefs to create a classic yet innovative menu. Notably, it has been honored with both a Michelin Star and an additional green Michelin star for its farm-to-table concept.

No doubt the food is good, however taste is very subjective as I find the foods were bit light. The service was good which staff explained the ingredient and cooking method of every dish.

Kum C — Google review

Quite disappointed with the food, the amenities, the setting. The second star goes to the delicacy in preparing the food but such delicate preparation does NOT add up to tasting at all. First of all the entire restaurant feels very noisy, just like a street side restaurant. I do like street side restaurants with local touch and low prices. If I choose an upscale restaurant I don't want such noise from next room to bother my dining. Second the dishes are just ordinary Taiwanese dishes, not worthy of the prices. It's not a ripoff. I can tell the kitchen has spent quite some effort to prepare each dish. However such effort in preparation doesn't enhance the tasting at all. Third the waiters/waitresses are not properly trained to serve wine or alcohol and they are understaffed to serve in each room. I can overheard the customers in next room were yelling for service. The limited space in our room makes the walking so inconvenient for customers and waiters.Not my kinda restaurant.

D — Google review

I would say it is a nice place to celebrate a special event. The overall dining experience was great but food taste a bit too delicate to be Taiwanese. The table staff are doing great job for introducing every dishes👍

I C — Google review

Overestimated.Can’t believe alleged high end restaurant would have no waiter in the entrance to guide you to the reservation table.

??? — Google review

I brought my family here to celebrate my dad's birthday, and the overall experience was truly wonderful. Despite not being a big fan of traditional Taiwanese food due to its often oily nature, I was pleasantly surprised. We opted for the personalized set menu, and every dish exceeded our expectations. The seasonal vegetables were refreshing, and the preparation and presentation of the seafood were outstanding. Each dish had a unique touch without being overwhelming. The homemade rice noodles were surprisingly good, and the Ang ku kueh served at the end added a delightful traditional touch to our celebration.If I had to be picky, I'd mention that the wine pairing could use improvement. The dessert wine was overly sweet and overshadowed the flavors. Nevertheless, this was a fantastic 10/10 dining experience, and I look forward to giving it another try. Thanks so much for the fantastic meal.

Summer W — Google review

A lovely lunch, great food and service, but sadly an unruly uncultured group in the private room ruined everything for the rest of the restaurant patrons.It was so loud none of us could hear each other nor the classical music as they were screaming, clapping and planning games. I am very disappointed the staff did zero to try and address the issue. Given this, my rating is 2 out of 5, but I not understand how they allowed this to happen at a fine restaurant. Guess they are willing to jeopardize their Michelin status for what I can only assume are regulars.

David H — Google review

Amazing Michelin Taiwanese restaurant, all the ingredients and seafoods were from Taiwan. I think overall price is reasonable with 8-10 people testing menu, dining style is like traditional Taiwanese catering outdoor party, so don’t expect to get an individual dish in plate, you would have to spin the table most of time.

Jessi T — Google review

When eating becomes a luxury, it is a privilege to focus on the process. At this address there is sufficient space, time and preparation to enjoy the wide range of tastes and textures that stimulate the palate.

Mark B — Google review

It is a restaurant serving traditional Taiwanese cuisine. We ordered a set meal for 4 people (NT$5800 + 10%) which came with 8 dishes including entree, main and dessert. The food was prepared using ingredients sourced from all around Taiwan to present the flavour of Taiwan.

Jennifer K — Google review

Real authentic taiwanese cuisine beautifully presented. The food, especially the depth of flavor, was really pleasant. However, the service was quite indifferent. There was a lack of attention to details and some things that simply shouldn't have happened in a restaurant of this caliber. Just some examples: they served the next course while we were still eating our previous course, the waitress filled my glass of water fully just to empty her bottle.These might sound trivial, but at this price point, these are mistakes that should be ironed out.

CF H — Google review

We had a lunch set meal.The food is all made from ingredients in Taiwan. You can taste the local culture. Even I'm from Hong Kong but the meal still brought me some surprises.Good tastes and service with reasonable price.Must try the sweet soup with grass jelly

Jason C — Google review

We visited the one Michelin star restaurant on a Saturday eveningImmaculate presentation of the traditional foodThe restaurant was nicely furnished, but the bright white lighting took away from the aestheticWe were disappointed to learn that the tea pairing for the set menus had to be ordered several days in advance, which we were not made aware of. And the alternative wine pairing wasn’t very inspiring

Rasmus W — Google review

I had lunch at this restaurant 2nd floor. Even though the food was great, I have to say, it is the worst dining experience I ever had at a Michelin Star restaurant. The entire dining room is so noisy to a point I cannot hear my guests, nor the waitress explanation of the dishes. The tables next to us are competing on the loudness. I would recommend the restaurant to place some sound absorption elements such as area rugs so the sound don’t bounce in the room and continue to amplify to a point it is creating headaches for me. If you are looking to a nice atmosphere, this restaurant is definitely not recommended until they can solve the noise issue.

Allen H — Google review

Food was spectacular looking, and all cooked well, but nothing really felt like a highlight. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall was probably the best of the dishes we ordered, with rich flavor without being too thick or sickeningly rich. On the downside the suckling pig was a bit dry, and too reliant on the accompanying sauces for flavor. Service was competent but not very attentive. Atmosphere was a bit bipolar, with the private rooms leaking noise of boisterous diners, while the main dining rooms were mostly quiet. Enjoyable, but not the standout that Michelin star would suggest.

Albert C — Google review

If you grew up in Taiwan, you will love their food because they brought back memories of childhood. However, if you are not very familiar with Taiwanese traditional food, the food is not very impressive. In any event, I appreciate the sustainability story and delicate presentations of their dishes. However, my server was not well trained. She tipped over our new bottle of Cabernet without any apology nor “thank you” for saving the bottle. She mopped the floor and walked off. Later, they also try to double charge the expensive fresh squeezed grape juices we ordered! I am sure it was an accident! Wink wink! Overall, the food is good but not great, love the sustainability story and restaurant setting, they need improvement on their services. I probably won’t recommend it because I can eat tastier food and lower price in many other places in Taipei!

Scott C — Google review

Excellent service and very quality food. See pictures posted. Staff 陳小姐 provided us fabulous service and detailed explanations each dish. Thus you know and feel the touch chefs put into. Amazing foods and dining experience is wonderful. Restaurant decorations is decent and elegant and relax.Highly recommend Mountain & Sea 山海樓

CIFE L — Google review

One of the best meals I’ve had in Taiwan. I just admit I read the reviews and a lot of it said it was overhyped so was apprehensive before I went to the restaurant - I was happy to find that this was not the case. The food served here were incredibly delicious and unique, unlike anything I’ve had in Taiwan before. The setting is also beautiful - the restaurant is located in a historical house in Taipei. I would definitely recommend anyone who’s visiting Taipei a visit to this restaurant.

Daniel L — Google review



Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (45)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (46)

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (47)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (48)

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Taiwanese restaurant

French restaurant

Tairroir, located in Taipei and holding two Michelin stars, is the brainchild of Taiwan native Kai Ho. Having honed his skills at Guy Savoy's Singapore branch, Ho now applies French techniques to Taiwanese ingredients. The lunch and dinner set menus are reasonably priced and feature his signature dish: a luxurious twist on the local "tea egg." Additionally, during colder months, guests can inquire about an off-menu version of Taiwanese beef noodle soup.

One of the best meals I've had in Taipei.It's definitely on the more expensive side, but worth it if you're celebrating or if you just want to treat yourself!At first we thought the atmosphere might be a bit stuffy (like most fine dining experiences), but the staff were super warm and very welcoming!The food was delicious, very clean flavours, they've definitely nailed down the French flavours as well as the Taiwanese flavours. A a french-taiwanese person, I loved getting little flavour memories/flashbacks of both of my (food) cultures 😍They were also very accomodating when it came to some dietary restrictions.We booked a table for lunch as soon as we finished our meal!

Alexandra M — Google review

Had an amazing time for our anniversary dinner. Everyone provided 11/10 service! Everyone was very nice and engaging the whole night. Definitely made our night special. The food was great! We were pretty full by the end of it.

Jade V — Google review

The staff was AMAZING from beginning to end. We received TOP notch service overall. Not a big fan of European food I like a little spice in my life 😋. Here are some great pics while celebrating a friend's birthday. Which I highly recommend when celebrating a special occasion it's small but with an intimate ambiance. That being said book very early and prepare for a 2 hours course it's definitely an experience to check off your travel adventures.

Ms.KProverbs31 E — Google review

Amazing experience and food. Love how the chef fused Taiwanese ingredients with French technique and the stories behind the dishes.

Kenneth H — Google review

Honestly, it’s below my expectation for a Michelin 3star.Our reservation was 12pm and we arrived a little early due to our hotel being about an hour away (near Taipei station) and we didn’t want to be late. The staff could not allow us to sit on their couch, as they insisted they have not opened yet. We had to leave the building (they have the entire 6th floor and there is no lobby whatsoever so we had to get back to the elevator) to wait until 12. It’s super hot outside (almost 90 degrees), we were SO annoyed & frustrated and almost wanted to give up the reservation.When they finally opened, we were seated quickly. Total 7 courses were served. The food was pretty good overall, the portion was just a liiiittle much for us, but still manageable. The desert and main courses beat my expectations, others are also good but not as impressive.What’s lacking is the dining experience. The restaurant interior was plain and simple, the tables are probably too close to each other. All the guests start at about the same time and are all served the same menu, so the tables that eat slower would have already heard (and clearly) the future courses from servers serving other tables. It’s not too big of a problem per se, but damages the overall experience nonetheless. The price was IMO slightly expensive given the experience — we paid around $388 for two and IMHO it’s worth probably $300-350. Otherwise, everything else was satisfactory.

Chang G — Google review

Impressive experiences! Great service , excellent creativity and absolute stunning dessert!

Simon K — Google review

Every dish was delicious complemented with top notch service by crew.Chef is very creative of blending Taiwanese cousine with French twist.Highly recommended.

M G — Google review

Lovely experience.All dishes beautifully presented, some disapppointing in flavor but was impressed by visible effort and thought that was put into details and dish composition.

LL T — Google review

What is memory? The heavily umami-flavored instant noodle snack (科學麵), overcooked herbal-fragrant tea eggs (茶葉蛋), and sauce-covered cornstarch-thickened oyster omelet (蚵仔煎), were the frequent snacks I used to have as a common Taiwanese kid. Decades later, being through college, grad school, and couple of decent jobs, I can now look back and say “I’ve made it.” With a jaw-dropping beautiful wife and a restless, always-trouble-seeking 1-year-old son (staying home with grandma tonight, thank god), driving a luxury SUV and living in a stylish top floor apartment, this expensive meal is something special to enjoy once in a while with a significant other. It is romantic, memorable, adventurous. It’s a date; it can only be.The hostess greeted me as I exited the elevator. My date had already seated as I searched for a parking spot, which wasn’t exactly easy to find during a Saturday night price time and took me some circling. Entering the dinning area, I was immediately drawn to the elegant but not overstated ceiling design: “bronze.” The see-through glass wall separated the open kitchen, integrating the cooking and the dining without chef’s shoutings and cooking noises. It was quiet, but the gentle western and Taiwan pop song mix in the background lightened our mood. (Imagining Wubai 伍佰 songs played in a French restaurant!). The pace was on time, and the servers are well-trained. We only had to wait for a bit for the main entrees.Now, the food. Simply amazing. It is like watching a movie, so I cannot tell you what and how the dishes were because that will spoil your experience. But, I think you’ll have to be a culturally, not just linguistically, local to fully understand and appreciate. It is not a fusion between fine-dining French cooking and traditional Taiwanese night market snacks; it is a representation, or even a reinterpretation, of Taiwanese street food in French cuisine. It is a memory lane. Bravo! Do visit!

Jason C — Google review

Best dining experience with super detail on service to enhance the whole experience.I especially liked that all the tables faced the kitchen so you could see the activities in the kitchen and have an appreciation of the chefs' weekend.

Emehh M — Google review

suprised invited dine here by daughter who’s visiting TPE with us, like I rated, great atmosphere & food were very interested special yummy too, awesome services, best of all was the master chef & all chefs who made wonderful foods, yes I recommended this restaurants to anyone like to enjoy a very very special experiences of Taiwan Chinese food with native & import ingredients.

Jane T — Google review

It was a very disappointing experience overall, for a fine dining establishment. Not to mention that they have 3 Michelin stars.1. The sommelier came by with the wine we ordered, spilled/ splattered wine on the table and on us. He was not apologetic and blamed it on wine pressuriser/preservation system. No effort was made to clean up or change our table cloth. This was a huge red flag for the experience to come.2. The service was the bare minimum of fine dining standards. I appreciated that they were able to switch to English to explain the menu. However, it strangely felt quite uncomfortable. Perhaps it was the arrangement of the seating and the positions of the server? We couldn’t put our finger on it but agreed that it was uncomfortable and not very friendly or approachable.3. The food. We were expecting Taiwanese French cuisine and that was what drew us to Taïrroir but we felt it was mostly French. Noted that it was that special “holiday/season/Christmas” menu. Price was almost double the usual price but definitely not worth it.4. There was a USDA prime striploin that we asked to be served medium rare. It came out almost rare. The tendons were all intact as well - when questioned, the servers shared that chef had wanted the tendons to keep the shape of the striploin.5. One of the dishes had rosti as part of it but ours were burnt and we requested for non burnt, regular rosti. We were given the fresh rosti but not without any judgement and comment that it was meant to be burnt. This was a letdown.We walked out feeling like we’ve wasted 3.5 hours of our precious time in Taiwan and money that could have been better spent elsewhere. Disappointing is an understatement. Will not recommend and will not return.

Y C — Google review

I took my mom and brother to dinner at Taïrroir: the service was excellent, but I was not impressed with the food. The appearance of some dishes was not enticing, and the food tasted bland.Of the six main dishes, only two stood out in flavor, presentation, creativity, and originality: the smoked pigeon and the pu’er tea organic egg. For dessert, the salted pineapple was exquisite in its combination of textures and flavors.The place is cozy and intimate, only 8 tables with a private dining area. 2 Michelin star restaurants are labeled as “Excellent cooking, worth a detour.” Maybe in the past, Taïrroir fit this description, but the current menu doesn’t live up to expectations.

Bea T — Google review

From the name you can tell, the place is French with a Taiwanese twist. Something is lacking in the feel of the interior, I took a star with me. I enjoyed the food very much, and let's focus on the Taiwanese element. Today's menu utilized century egg, water chestnut, scallion soy sauce, yam leaves, Pu'er tea and Yi Lan pork. It was a fantastic taste bud experience!

Libinski 0 — Google review

Coming in for a lunch. Good services and friendly staffs. The taste of the dishes are very good and the presentations are very nice also. Worth a try if you like fine dining experiences. My overall experience are good here though the price of a set menu is not so friendly. Still, I might come back for a dinner one day to enjoy all the cousins made by the chef.

James P — Google review

A luxurious dining experience is what you can gain from Taïrroir. Started operating in May 2016, this restaurant has been serving unique dishes with mild yet memorable flavors.We had our anniversary dinner here, and fortunately, we were able to taste their 7th anniversary set.Most of the flavors were new to my palate, and they’re delightful. While I cannot promise that you can like everything, it’s still worth a try especially on important ocassions.They were so thoughtful to provide their guests with their anniversary chocolate.And of course, they have amiable and courteous crew as well.The place was smaller than expected, making the setup more intimate.I advise to book a reservation at least six weeks in advance.

Eizen B — Google review


Yao Yue Teahouse

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (49)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (50)

Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (51)Map of Taipei — Best attractions, restaurants, and transportation info (52)

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Tea house

Yao Yue Teahouse, located in the heart of Maokong, is a timeless venue offering a variety of specialty teas with traditional decor and furniture. It provides stunning views of the neighboring valley and is surrounded by tea plantations. The tearoom is open 24 hours and offers delicious dim sum to accompany their hot oolong tea. Visitors can enjoy the atmosphere as dusk approaches when the ambient lights come on.

Lovely tea experience. I get to do the tea preparation on my own. It is such a great time. Food is nice and the tea is so refreshing. You have a mountain view and great bird chirping background too. It is open 24hrs and lots of seats too.

Lea V — Google review

Nestled in the side of the mountain this place is open 24 hours to serve tea and food. The air is clear up here, a nice relaxing environment. You brew your own tea.

J Y — Google review

This is a great tourist friendly teahouse! You buy tea by the container, pay a water fee, and can drink as much tea as you want for as long as you want with a great view and atmosphere. This is well worth the scenic and relaxing walk from the gondola station! Must go!

C L — Google review

Excellent and authentic tea place just to hang out with friends or family. It brings me to nature and makes me feel relaxed. It’s opened 24 hours and there’re a lots of different tea options for you to choose from.You can also find some traditional Taiwanese snacks here to go with your tea. Personally I strongly recommend 一口酥 which is soooo good that I can’t never have enough. Last but not least, this place is HUGE. They have both indoor and outdoor seatings. LOVE THIS PLACE and that’s it.

jacob — Google review

Food was great! They have games to play inside. Mosquitoes are AWFUL—don’t recommend eating outside.

Zoe S — Google review

Beautiful teahouse tucked away from the main road via an idyllic mossy road. Plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. Tea is wonderful, boardgames available. Tea fried rice is a must try dish. Free tea sampling available with wonderful service and explanation of the brewing process and comparisons. Tea wares available, and those on display are wonderfully modern and functional.

Cherise C — Google review

What an absolute gem and one of our favorite stops in Taipei.Acess is through the Makong gondola with a leisurely 20 minute walk along the hillside road or it is easily accessible via taxi or bus.The views are peaceful and nostalgic while the tea is phenomenal. If you happen to catch it on a rainy afternoon when the lights come on with the background sound of raindrops, the entire place becomes magical.There are English menus available. You order by writing the corresponding dish number and bringing the paper to the front where you pay for everything ahead of time. There is also a tea brewing instruction sheet available in English.Crazily enough, they are open 24 hours!

J — Google review

Please reserve before you go, all the good seats beside the windows are occupied when we arrived around 12:00 for lunch.The place was way crowded, the view was really not that good with only trees outside.Food was above average, noodles was delicious, fried cabbage with garlic was sweet, tasting really fresh.The service wasn’t good, asked for utensils and paper cups, they just wave a dismissive hand and tell you to go up stairs and ask the counter lady.For a place for tea, the electric stove to cook the water doesn’t function properly, and the tea contains way too much caffeine, which made me have palpitation(for a tea lover like me never happens…) we had 碳培烏龍 40 grams $300 and an extra $70 per person, which is $510 for 4 of us. The amount was more than enough to have 3 rounds of tea. But the quality of tea wasn’t good, neither was the tea sets…All in all, I was very disappointed with this place, too crowded, far from the maokong gondola station, about 30 minutes walk, not relaxing at all. Can name 10 other better places to have tea at Maokong. Only thing you can enjoy here is the food, with precise selection.

陶郁臻 — Google review

I used to come here to have some tea when I was in college.Now, the restaurant was still here and the food was still awesome. The chicken soup was really good and the meat was easy to bite and chewy. The sugar pork was really yummy, I can't stop eating them. The vibe was really peaceful and comfortable. Love it so much!!🥰💯

Jessica K — Google review

We drove a long way up to be here. Their food service time starts from 11:00 in the morning so we had a brunch for three. The view is nice and we can hear bird singing. We love the tranquility and the serenity that can be found in this place. The foods, however, are quite disappointing because the tofu we had can bared be tasted and the sweet & sour pork is hard to chew and tastes not authentic. The snacks are okay. I to think it is a great place to hang out in the midnight if you don’t have a place to go since they run the restaurant 24 hours a day. But for daytime, maybe it’s not a worthy choice.

YiHsuan T — Google review

Very big teahouse with more outdoor seating than indoors. We sat indoors, wonderful view outside, had it not been for the flies, it would've been a great atmosphere! Fried rice is good, egg pancake is too salty and the mushroom chicken soup was okay, not for me personally.

Anastasia C — Google review

Lovely teahouse a bit secluded from the main road. Self-service, including tea preparation (you are "buying" the leaves and "sitting rights" - you will receive teaware and instructions on how to proceed with gong fu cha but perhaps google a bit in advance if it is new for you). Very tasty dim sum.

Jan C — Google review

A peaceful teahouse straight out of a Ghibli movie. The food was great and the tea was enjoyable. Prices are reasonable too. The only challenge would be walking here from the gondola station.

Yeo W — Google review

Yao Yue Teahouse is a charming spot offering an extensive tea selection and a variety of dishes. However, while the side dishes were pleasant, none truly stood out. The teahouse's location, set amidst the cool mountains, is truly a delightful experience. Sipping tea by the mountains is truly a vibe. The staff was welcoming and even took the time to teach me the art of tea brewing.

Yu Y — Google review


Morton's The Steakhouse

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$$$$very expensive

Steak house

Morton's The Steakhouse is an upscale chain known for its aged prime beef, seafood, and classic steakhouse dishes. The restaurant offers a clubby ambiance and is located on the 45th floor in Taipei, providing stunning views of the city lights, including the iconic Taipei 101. In addition to its delectable menu, Morton's The Steakhouse in Taipei offers a unique dining experience with its elevated location.

Morton’s was a pleasant surprise.I didn’t came w/ a high expectations as hearing controversial reviews regarding the place, yet the restaurant proved me wrong.Morton’s has a great performance right from the starters, appetizer, mains, sides, desserts and even co*cktails; an end-to-end delight.I’ll skip over the steak part as the steak is what it’s most renowned for and indeed lived up to its reputation. I think its the surf and turf that surprises me the most. The lobster and other seafood appetizers were really well cooked, juicy, and fresh in a quality I did not expect in a steakhouse albeit its not an uncommon menu.The bread, soup, sides and even co*cktails surpass the standard I visit in usual high end steakhouse, so indeed a pleasure when enjoying the dishes. Especially the bread man, soft and hot w/ the creamy butter is just amazing :)Anyway, highly recommend people who like American steakhouses to give it a visit!

Timmy C — Google review

Food is good, ambience is good. Service from the staffs is top notch, especially Josh who took the time to guide and advice us on the menu.The staffs even helped us print out an anniversary photo. (My wife and I recently got married and pick this place as our celebration as we are going to Taipei for holidays).Not sure how other people are finding fault with the service, but for us we are definitely coming back again for our special occasions in future

Derek N — Google review

Well known steakhouse chain. Views are wonderful. 6oz filet was perfect for one person. Ordered medium, but got medium rare, but still very tasty. I would say one of the best steaks in Taipei. Side dishes are huge, onion bread was wonderful. Tomato soup excellent. Key lime pie was delicious but very sweet, easily enough for 2. Will go back again. Prices are what you'd expect.

Jay V — Google review

The food, the view the service was absolutely exquisite. The waiters came over a few times to make sure everything was perfect and that we were enjoying the food.The portions were great. I highly recommend their cheesecake, but beware, it is so thick! You may need to share with someone else.I only took off a star overall because the price is quite hefty.

David P — Google review

Went there to celebrate my belated birthday. The ribeye was just enough for two people. We also ordered truffle fries, Morton’s salad and mac n cheese. The food there was good, my friend and I definitely had a pleasant experience there. Btw the waiter Elvis was LIT!

Jie-Iu L — Google review

A great place for birthday and special occasions. The food is delicious and the service impeccable. Would definitely recommend to those seeking for a special night out or just a treat for a nice quiet lunch.Oh, did I mention the view? It’s spectacular, and so is the great service offered by Josh. My friend and I had a great time thanks to his warm caring and wonderful photo taking skills! 👍

Sarah W — Google review

Went there for my bday lunch, kinda disappointed.The steak was decent, so I don’t really have any comment on that. But if you are a fries lover like me, you will be very disappointed :(The fries was not the ones that is famous, it’s thicker, like those ones you can find in cheap American restaurants or breakfast shop! The seasoning was not special at all, not worth the price.We also ordered miso mushroom (not sure about the name) and it was HORRIBLE! We barely touched it and apparently the staff didn’t really care about their food and took it away without even asking… that’s why we decided not to say anything right there.The service was… humm sadly cold and standard. So if you are trying to spend your special day here at Morton’s, maybe think twice before making that reservation.

Charlotte H — Google review

Morton's was a fantastic experience! We celebrated a birthday there and were blown away by the exemplary service provided and the quality of the food. Also had the best carrot cake I've ever eaten here!Not to mention the magnificent view of Taipei 101 and the city nightscape!If you're looking for a excellent experience while in Taipei, look no further.

Johnny N — Google review

Morton offers a stunning view of Taipei 101, making it a great spot for a meal. The food and wine were both excellent. Our server was a bit quirky, but her fun personality made for an enjoyable dining experience.

Chanyanat S — Google review

I’ve dined in and ordered takeout from this Morton’s location 30+ times since it opened. It’s consistently really good.BalconyThis is absolutely one of the best features of this location, when the management decides to open it. Over the years it has become less and less often that they will open the balcony for service, which is almost criminal in light of the unrivaled experience anywhere in Taiwan that enjoying a co*cktail there provides.SteakMortons is a steakhouse. That’s why you should come - to enjoy their steak. Their side dishes and burgers are also quite good, and my dining companions have never had a complaint about the seafood there. It is the best steak available in Taiwan, of the many fine dining restaurants where I’ve tried filet mignon. 20+ very well cooked filets at this location, and 1/20+ that was not a great cut of*cktails & BarThe co*cktails are good enough not to get in the way. There are co*cktail bars that do a better pour. The bar seating is not bad, but it’s a little bit inconvenient to get up to the 45th floor in that building just to go for a couple of co*cktails.ServiceThe service is usually pretty good, prompt. Maybe two or three times out of 30+ the staffing has been a bit shorthanded, and our server was a little harder to flag down then you’d expect at $100-$150 per person.AtmosphereIt’s on the 45th floor and has floor to ceiling glass windows, the views are a major major aspect of the experience. The views from the balcony are unparalleled, but like I said above, it’s a little difficult to get that experience. The only things that bring down the atmosphere are occasionally one or two tables of patrons - sometimes there are selfie monsters who seem to come more for a 90 minute photo shoot performed mostly in silence, than for the experience of dining and savoring a great meal with good conversation. And a couple of times there have been young kids let loose to run around unsupervised, which is totally fine if you’re at Haidilao or Texas Roadhouse or someplace where the noises of kids having fun add to the experience, rather than detracts.TakeoutI love that they offer takeout. For me it’s a tossup between Morten’s and Smith & Wollensky on filet for takeout.

Jason W — Google review

What a nice way to end Taipei trip with this amazing place, had a nice time with magnificent Taipei101 scenic view. Receieved good service from Mr. Yao with nice conversation, fully recomended.

Tanida I — Google review

Very disappointing. The steak isn't super impressive but still quality, yet the service is way too loose and ruins the experience.The waiter missed one of our appetizer order and we're so confused while the main dish was served (like before appetizers?). The waiter did apologize and asked if we'd like to have it served now. Since the steak has come, we responded that it could be severed later, and... it just never came.During the dining, we tried several times to call the waiters/waitresses walking by (trying to have eye contacts and/or raising hands), but it never worked. We felt like we're totally ignored. Understood that they might be busy, yet the truth is that the restaurant was only half occupied, and the diners sitting next to our table seem regular so they're having totally different experience.I've been to many steakhouses, and to be frank, it's the worst service that I've ever had. It's not about the attitude, since the staff is actually pretty polite, but the service quality and training.The experience is really a shame. There are many other steakhouses with quality food and good service in the area. This one is definitely not a place I'd recommend to host family and/or friends.The entrance elevator is on the 4th floor of the mall. Take cash and credit cards.

Ling — Google review

"Splurge-worthy dining experience! Exceptional cuisine, breathtaking views, and attentive service make this high-end restaurant stand out. Worth the indulgence for special occasions or treating yourself."

Ricardo Q — Google review

I was there for my birthday. It was my second time there. The steak was so juicy. I had soufflé for dessert that it was served as a birthday gift.We can see Taipei 101 very clear and the night view is great. But the light in the restaurant is too dim till we can’t really read well when we want to order. Overall, it is a very good restaurant.

Anne W — Google review

Very good experience and taste in Morten’s steakhouse. If your budget at 3000NTD per person, here is the best in Taipei area.

悶屁一聲雷 — Google review

I visited Morton’s steak house Taipei for anniversary and it was awesome. They provided a free photo clip and dessert to celebrate. I especially appreciate careful service of Howard. Thanks Howard for your kindness! Perfect restaurant for celebration.

Tony _ — Google review

Went there for Valentine’s Day… they only had one menu for the occasion but it was great with a surf and turf and an optional crab cake… I went to the one in Hong Kong but to me, this one is much better… price wise, not surprising but it is Morton’s so I didn’t expect it to be the cost of a BigMac, right… I added a bottle of Gigondas 2017 which was exquisite and perfectly matched the menu…

Denis C — Google review

Great food and views!Ordered the Regular tenderloin and the A5 that was very expensive (in our opinion not worth it). Great selection of Wine as well - check out their rooftop bar as well after dinner

Raquel Y — Google review

We got the usda ribeye steak and it absolutely melted in my mouth! The chopped berry salad was good but I wouldn’t say it’s that worth it 😅 most importantly, our server Sean was super attentive and professional. What a great young potential! 😍

Judy Y — Google review

Server Jay was great and the food was pretty good.Had a splendid birthday dinner with my family, got free cake and a photo!The manager was able to suit everyone’s needs which needed a little accommodation. So overall was a good experience, would go again.

Erica L — Google review

First time here for celebrating BD.Thanks for the postcard and photo!It feels rush cause overbooking at same time.Staff Ice is the one to bright the whole experience.

Janice H — Google review

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