Here Are the 50 Best Subreddits on Reddit Broken Down by Interest (2024)

Reddit is the self-described “front page of the internet,” and it lives up to that promise. From breaking news to viral memes, you can find a niche forum—called a subreddit—for virtually any topic you can think of. We’ll show you 50 of the best subreddits on Reddit, broken down by interest.

There are thousands of subreddits, and while there isn’t an official directory, you’ll come across interesting subreddits the more time you spend on the site. You can also discover new subreddits by visiting r/all, r/popular, or r/random. When you find a subreddit you like, don’t forget to subscribe to it!

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    Best Relationship Advice Subreddits

    Advice forums abound on Reddit. Here are five popular relationship advice subreddits where you can ask for (and dish out) some advice about personal interactions.

    1. r/relationship_advice: With over five million subscribers, this is the mother of all advice subreddits. Get and give advice on all kinds of personal relationships.
    2. r/AmItheAsshole: Were you in the wrong? Describe the situation, and the hive mind will tell you if you’re the jerk. But, be warned: they won’t hold back!
    3. r/Relationships: Similar to r/relationship_advice, this is for general relationship advice.
    4. r/NeedAdvice: Get and give advice on anything except personal relationships, dating, or sex.
    5. r/Dating: While not specifically an advice subreddit, you’ll find posts about the dating process and specific dating situations.

    Related: r/InternetParents, r/BreakUps, r/askwomenadvice, r/advice

    Best Finance Subreddits

    Get your financial house in order! These subreddits help you figure out what to do with your money and plan for your financial future.

    1. r/PersonalFinance: Learn more about budgeting, saving, debt, credit, investing, and retirement. Don’t leave before checking out the wiki, especially the Prime Directive. Users from outside the United States should check out the regional personal finance subreddits listed in this subreddit’s sidebar.
    2. r/FinancialIndependence: If you don’t want to work for money, this is a great subreddit to visit. Most posts are about how to “FIRE,” which stands for Financial Independence/Retire Early.
    3. r/investing: This subreddit is mainly for news about investing. If you’re looking for investment advice, post in the daily advice thread.
    4. r/algotrading: This is where redditors take a deep dive into algorithmic trading, including quantitative trading, statistical methods, and econometrics.
    5. r/frugal: Join or browse this Frugal Living subreddit for tips and tricks for wasting less time and money.

    Related: r/ynab, r/PersonalCapital, r/FatFire, r/LeanFire, r/CoastFIRE, r/Fire, r/RealEstate

    Best Subreddits About Politics

    Everyone’s got an opinion, and sometimes it seems like they’re all posted on Reddit. So here are a few subreddits where you can discuss policies, elected officials, and government in general. You can also check out this post for a long list of political subreddits, including subreddits focused on specific states or regions.

    1. r/WorldNews: Dedicated to major news from outside the United States, this subreddit is excellent for finding out what’s happening in the world. Do not confuse this with r/WorldPolitics, an NSFW site that’s really not about politics at all.
    2. r/ModeratePolitics: Despite its name, you won’t necessarily find posts about moderate political positions here. Instead, it’s a place for people to express their politics moderately. As they say, “If you are looking for civility, moderation, and tolerance, come on in!”
    3. r/PoliticalDiscussion: There’s nothing but calm and rational political discussion here. This subreddit keeps it civil, with no political name-calling allowed.
    4. r/Ask_Politics: This community is fairly small, but it’s a great resource for getting your questions about politics answered.
    5. r/geopolitics: How does a nation’s geographic location relate to its politics? In this subreddit, users analyze the relationship between countries in our global world.

    Related: r/ukpolitics, r/CanadaPolitics, r/PoliticalHumor, r/NeutralPolitics, r/politics

    Best Subreddits for Memes

    There’s no shortage of memes on Reddit. Get your fill by following these subreddits.

    1. r/memes: Nearly 16 million people get their memes from r/memes. Go forth and share.
    2. r/DankMemes: What’s the difference between a dank meme and a normie meme? Well, dank memes are fresh, and r/dankmemes only accepts high-quality original content, so no posting memes you saw on 9gag.
    3. r/WholesomeMemes: Billing itself as “Internet for the Spirit,” Wholesome Memes is filled with memes that convey warmth and empathy. Totally safe for Grandma.
    4. r/AdviceAnimals: You can find more than just Insanity Wolf in Advice Animals. While this subreddit was created for advice animal memes, it has since evolved to include any kind of image meme with text on top.
    5. r/MemeEconomy: Are you a meme creator? Visit Meme Economy to buy, sell, share, make, and invest in meme templates.

    Related: r/funny, r/pics, r/gifs, r/TheRightCantMeme, r/CryingCatMemes

    Best Subreddits for Questions

    You’ve got questions, and Reddit has answers. Lots and lots of answers. Check out these subreddits that strive to provide you with the information you seek.

    1. r/AskReddit: In this hugely popular subreddit, people post their answers to (sometimes) thought-provoking questions.
    2. r/NoStupidQuestions: Surprisingly, most of the questions posted in this subreddit are decidedly not stupid. If you’re afraid to post your question in a different subreddit, try posting it here.
    3. r/HomeworkHelp: Submit your homework questions in this forum that’s designed to help you learn—not do your homework for you.
    4. r/DoesAnybodyElse: No matter what it is, you are not alone.
    5. r/ExplainLikeImFive: Find explanations geared toward the layperson here.

    Related: r/AskWomen, r/AskMen, r/WhatsTheWord, r/TrueAskReddit, r/HistoricalWhatIf, r/Answers, r/WhatIsThisThing, r/TipofMyTongue, r/HelpMeFind, r/RBI

    Best Subreddits for Learning from Experts

    The subreddits below are chock full of expert advice. If you want a serious answer to a serious question, these subreddits are a great place to start.

    1. r/AskHistorians: Ask Historians calls itself the “Portal for Public History.” The site is heavily moderated, and only in-depth and comprehensive answers are allowed.
    2. r/AskScience: Scientists and science enthusiasts are standing by to answer your science questions. Be sure to check out the topical Ask Anything Wednesday threads.
    3. r/AskSocialScience: If you answer a question posted in this subreddit, you must provide a citation. Similarly, only answerable questions are accepted.
    4. r/AskCulinary: No matter your skill level, become a better cook by posting and reading answers to all kinds of questions about cooking in this subreddit.
    5. r/AskEngineers: Civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers are standing by to answer your technical questions as well as questions about the engineering profession.

    Related: r/AskPhilosophy, r/Ask_Politics, r/AskElectronics, r/AskComputerScience, r/AskAcademia, r/AcademicBiblical

    Best Interesting/Fun Subreddits

    Sometimes you just want to be entertained. Try the subreddits below for charming, compelling, and fascinating content.

    1. r/IAmA: “I am a ____. Ask me anything.” Think of this subreddit as a place for crowdsourced interviews. While anyone can do an Ask Me Anything (AMA), posts are either about something uncommon that plays a central role in the poster’s life or a unique and exciting event. For AMAs with noteworthy people, check out r/IAMAFamousArchive.
    2. r/WatchPeopleDieInside: You know that look on people’s faces when something happens that makes them completely lose the zest for life? You’ll find tons of videos like that here.
    3. r/Nextf*ckingLevel: Some people are highly talented, either by luck or through practice. View pictures, gifs, and videos of people doing extraordinary things.
    4. r/MildlyInteresting: This subreddit only accepts original content, and you’re sure to find some posts much more than just mildly interesting.
    5. r/Unexpected: Here, you’ll find videos and gifs with a twist.

    Related: r/Showerthoughts, r/TodayILearned, r/maybemaybemaybe, r/ConfusingPerspective, r/DamnThatsInteresting, r/blackmagicf*ckery, r/nonononoyes

    Best Subreddits about Cats

    In 2015, CNN estimated there might be around 6.5 billion cat pictures on the internet. Some of them are in the subreddits listed below.

    1. r/ThisIsMyLifeMeow: Cats finally accepting that they are cats.
    2. r/SupermodelCats: Pics and videos of beautiful cats.
    3. r/MurderMittens: Those claws are dangerous!
    4. r/CatBellies: You know you want to touch them.
    5. r/StartledCats: These cats didn’t see it coming.

    Related: r/cats, r/blackcats, r/SeniorKitties, r/Pocketpuss*, r/CatsInBusinessAttire, r/CatsWhoYell, r/CatTaps

    Best Subreddits About Looking Good

    If you want to look your best, these subreddits want to help!

    1. r/MaleFashionAdvice: Over 3 million redditors are ready to help you develop your style.
    2. r/FemaleFashionAdvice: Advice, guides, and inspiration albums for fashion for women.
    3. r/MakeUpAddiction: Anything and everything related to makeup. Check out the weekly contest, too.
    4. r/ABraThatFits: Chances are if you wear a bra, it doesn’t fit. These folks can help. You deserve it.
    5. r/SkincareAddiction: Rants, raves, and skincare advice. This community will get your skin glowing in no time.

    Related: r/FrugalMaleFashion, r/FrugalFemaleFashion, r/ProgressPics, r/FancyFollicles, r/RedditLaqueristas, r/DrugstoreMUA, r/UglyDuckling, r/wicked_edge

    Best Room Design and Home Improvement Subreddits

    Who doesn’t want a pleasing living space? Follow these subreddits to get design inspiration and maintenance tips for your home.

    1. r/AmateurRoomp*rn: Photographs of beautiful rooms taken and submitted by the people who live in them.
    2. r/DesignMyRoom: Submit photos and the layout of your room, and this community will make suggestions on how to make it better.
    3. r/HomeImprovement: This subreddit is just for helping you with your home improvement projects.
    4. r/Roomp*rn: High-quality images of fantastic interior spaces.
    5. r/DIY: If you want to do it yourself, check here for other people’s experiences.

    Related: r/architecture, r/homeowners, r/Housep*rn, r/TinyHouses

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