20 Funniest Subreddits You Should Check Out For Laughs (2024)

Reddit is the place to go for content, and you can find anything from niche hobby groups to political pages. What you find the most of, though, is laughter. There are hundreds of funny subreddits to browse to get a chuckle and brighten your day.

These 19 subreddits are some of the funniest subreddits on the entire site. Sit back and laugh at cute animals, other people’s blunders, and enjoy a hefty dose of schadenfreude. Make sure to sort by the top posts of all time to see the best of the best.

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    r/Funny is the home of all things comedy on Reddit. That said, it’s one of the largest subreddits on the site, which means it catches a little bit of humor of every type. You might not enjoy everything you find there, but you’ll enjoy something.


    r/AskReddit isn’t comedic; instead, users post questions that others can answer. This results in threads with thousands of comments, many of which are hysterical stories worth a read. Just search “funny” in the Reddit search bar to find questions that interest you. We suggest, “What jokes are so dumb they’re actually funny?


    Feel like having a laugh at someone else’s expense? r/RoastMe is the place to go for some really sick burns. People bring it upon themselves by posting pics usually holding a piece of paper that says “Roast Me” along with the date and their Reddit handle. It’s amazing how good some of the comments can be and quite hysterical to read.


    r/HoldMyBeer is a collection of images and videos of people taking stupid, alcohol-fueled risks. It’s kind of like America’s Funniest Videos if AFV only featured fraternity shenanigans. Don’t worry, there’s no gore or death shown — just silliness that typically does not end well for those involved.


    Had a rough day? Then r/Aww is the place for you. It’s a collection of adorable pictures of animals and babies, often doing something funny. It’s an easy place to check for a wholesome, good-hearted laugh. Who doesn’t want to see a video of a giant dog in a backpack, enjoying the breeze in his hair?


    Everyone loves cat videos, right? The internet is built on them. Videos of startled cats are even funnier, even if you do feel a little bad for your feline friends. r/StartledCats is one of the funniest subreddits full of hilarious videos of cats reacting to sudden movements or just everyday human activities that they don’t fully understand.


    Following the vein of animal-related laughs, r/AnimalsBeingDerps shows animals acting like their silly, wonderful selves. Come on: the top post of all time is about a sleeping baby elephant.


    There’s just something about an animal freaking out about technology that draws a laugh out of even the surliest person. r/AnimalsBeingConfused is a showcase of the best moments that make you laugh, shake your head, and wonder whether animals are quite as smart as you think they are.


    Everyone went through that awkward phase: the bowl cut, Urkel jeans, and a tucked-in dragon tee shirt. r/BlunderYears celebrates those development periods in your life and lets you laugh at the misfortune of others — and some people were unfortunate.


    Everyone has sent a regrettable message at some time in the past, but r/CringePics is a collection of the worst possible messages and social media posts. Its slogan is right: they just hurt to look at — but you will laugh, if only out of pity.


    Do you have a friend that believes they can fix any problem themselves without the need to hire professionals? Does it ever work out for them? r/DiWHY is the result of people attempting projects that they probably should have just paid for.


    Some people in the world spread laughter everywhere they go, and some things will elicit a smile no matter what. A laughing baby is one of those. r/ContagiousLaughter is a collection of people whose laugh makes others laugh and videos that you can’t help but smile at.


    Sometimes you have to try and fail at something before you become truly good at it. Sometimes, you have to try and fail a lot. r/ThereWasAnAttempt is a collection of some of the more spectacular failures.


    Vandalism is illegal, and you should never destroy another person’s property — but there are times when a single swapped letter can turn a sign from mundane into hilarious. r/MildlyVandalised is a collection of some of the best examples of when a bit of mischief goes a long way.


    If you like old-school comedy, r/jokes is the way to go. You can get a good laugh out of it just by reading some of the best jokes on the Internet. New jokes are posted each day, so you can always check back for more.


    Jokes that make you groan and then laugh are the kind of jokes that dads specialize in. r/DadJokes is a collection of the best dad jokes on the internet. Save a few of your favorites to drop in conversations and annoy your friends.


    If you enjoy watching people make less-than-wise decisions, only for the consequences of those actions to catch up to them moments later, r/instant_regret is the funny subreddit for you. You can watch the build-up to the action, as well as the moments afterward when the participants question everything they thought they knew.


    Have you ever tried to explain a complicated technology concept to someone that misses the days of rotary phones? r/TalesFromTechSupport are often hilarious, always-entertaining stories from people working on the front lines of tech support offices.


    If you’ve ever thought, “Gee, hotel front desk workers must see a lot of funny stuff,” you’d be right. r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk is a collection of first-hand accounts of the strangest behavior front desk workers have ever seen.


    Sometimes individuals on a power trip insist you do something a certain way, and they ask in the rudest way possible. r/MaliciousCompliance is all about complying with exactly what someone said in the least expected way possible.

    If you’re having a bad day or just want a quick laugh during a break from work, check out one of these 19 subreddits. They offer some of the funniest content Reddit has to offer and are sure to put a smile on your face.

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